11 reasons you need an attorney for your personal injury case in Oregon

If you or your loved ones have had a major or minor car accident, you should hire an attorney to get the best results. A layman is generally not aware of legalities and processes in an accident case. If you are in and around Oregon, hire an expert Oregon car accident attorney for a free review of your case. 


Why should you hire an attorney for an accident case?


1) In the first place, an attorney would be able to analyze and understand if the case will stand in court in the victim’s favor, or it can turn the other way round in any given scenario.


2) With the exact situation evaluation, the attorney would be able to gather all the relevant places where compensation is possible.


3) An attorney is a person aware of all the state law changes which keep updating from time to time.


4) A professional handling the case will elevate the case with proper legal processes in place.


5) The most critical part of the journey is negotiating with the negligent party. Your attorney will take up that task to ensure you are getting all your losses recovered from the compensation.


6) An attorney will be able to calculate the pain and to suffer part of the injury due to the accident and bring to the table the best possible compensation for it.


7) Your attorney will work on the trial in court in a case out of the court settlement doesn’t work. Considering this, your attorney plays a very critical role in filing the lawsuit.


8) The case going to court would mean the attorney has to go against the high-end insurance companies, which come with its own risk.


9) The attorney will work with the police for records, witnesses to present, medical bills and invoices, insurance copy files, etc. This evidence plays an important role in the case.


10) The attorney will negotiate with the opposite party for your best interest and use his knowledge and experience to make your case a victory.


11) Your attorney will make the necessary settlement letter for the negligent party and the paperwork along with it.




Do not think twice before hiring an accident attorney, even if it is a minor one. Most attorneys charge only once the case is settled. This gives you time to recover from your injuries, plus an experienced attorney smoothly sails the legal processes, on the other hand, without thinking about the attorney charges.