Today we will focus on4 marketing tips that can change your strategy. Keep your focus on these tips in upcoming weeks and you’ll see results yourself.


Custom Content

One of the simplest and cheapest, but quite effective digital marketing methods . UGC (User Generated Content) is a great way to build brand reputation. How does it work? Users post their own information about the brand without any contracts. They do this because they really like the product.

Posting user-generated content is a digital marketing trend not only today, but for several years to come. But how can such publications be stimulated?

  • do as many reposts of your consumers’ content as possible;
  • offer promotions;
  • donate to charities;
  • launch challenges.
  • Anything hot on the web right now is your chance to get user generated content.

Same goes with the music content. If you are a musician and want a track to get popular, then you should buy Spotify streams. Get a better jump-start situation from the scratch and get a place in the organic playlists from Spotify.

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Chat Bots

Any brand must provide quality support to its users. For a very long time, there were only two ways to get a response from the company: email or phone. But there are several reasons why these methods are ineffective today:

The consumer wants an instant response.

The questions are often simple. It is not always convenient to call or write to the mail for their sake.

Hundreds of consumers may be asking the same questions. Your employees will just get tired of the monotony.

Therefore, the next trend in digital marketing is chatbots. They also appeared several years ago, but are still in training. Today, most sites already have developed bots that can even categorize questions in order to give a relevant answer faster.

Thanks to chat bot, you can improve the relationship with customers and improve the company’s performance.


Augmented reality

Augmented reality is an emerging trend. After all, most devices began to support this function at a high level relatively recently. Thanks to augmented reality, many cafeterias and restaurants are already appearing on the screens of users who enter “where to eat?” In a search engine.

By analogy, you can create applications that will contain information about clothing stores, food stores, sports equipment, and so on.

But there is a completely different application of this technology. For example, Apple lets you see how a particular product will fit in your room or workplace. Car companies also allow you to park your car.

In other words, they pretend that the unbought product is already practically owned by the consumer.

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Content is the Basis of Marketing

One of the magnets for both search engines and consumers is quality content. In fact, it doesn’t matter if this content becomes an advertisement. Its task is to attract the client to the brand.

By creating quality content, you will be able to interact with the client, learn about his desires. In addition, interesting content is an opportunity to distract the consumer from conventional advertising.

It is important to learn two rules:

  • More is not always better. Content must be published at regular intervals.
  • Share cognitive information related to your product in posts.