survive Apex Legends' Battle Royale

Apex Legends is a popular Battle Royale game and has immediately become popular in the gaming community. Now, every player’s main goal is to master the battlefield of Apex Legends and get better at it in no time. 


Even though most players start well and reach an upgraded level in no time, not all can finish it off in a preferred way. There are many intricacies and hidden secrets to master Apex Legends. If you need some additional help you can check out as well. 


Are you intrigued to know about the top tips and tricks to master the Apex Legends gaming world? If yes, this guide can be your savior. Hence, continue reading till you reach the end to know all ins and outs of the game. 


1.Learn the basics first 


Apex Legend’s Battle Royale is one of the favorite games and is quite different from other Battle Royale games; hence, it is crucial to learn the basics. It is a one-off online game where you will be dropped out of a flying vehicle into an island. 


You and your squad will have to find a spot to land and find weapons and gears as soon as you hit the ground and fight the enemies. If you land near to opponents, pick up whatever weapon is nearby and start fighting instantly. 


Another important thing to note is to keep medkits and healing items ready at all times. They are your saviors in the game. You also get a shield to defend yourself, but here the shield system is different from other Battle Royale games. 


The shield can’t be broken totally, and you can use armors for better shield capacity. Shields can be recharged with batteries and cells when they are depleted from damage. Therefore, collect the batteries and cells whenever you see them. 


You will need a backpack to hold the batteries, ammo together all at once, so make sure to collect one whenever you get the opportunity. 


2.Settle on one or two favorite legends 


One of the prime elements which set Apex Legends different from its contemporaries is that it comes with eight unique legends. They are not generic characters, but all come with their uniquely passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. 


Initially, you can experiment with different legends to understand and know their abilities and capacities. However, by sticking to one or two favorite legends, you can be an expert in that character. 


All characters come with their individual intricacies; playing with one character consistently will improve your understanding of them and know when to activate those intricacies. 


However, it’s better to practice on two or three characters in case your opponents select your favorite picks. 


3.Know the weapons 


Knowing the weapons and learning about them is just as important as knowing the legends. The game offers short descriptions of each of the weapons. Take a moment and read about them; it’s worth the time. 


Before starting the game, you should know which is a sniper and which is an assault gun, even if you don’t know the details of each of them. Once you know which one is what, you will be able to grab the right weapon to target your enemies. 


4.Use the ping system without hesitation 


Map marking is one of the best features in Apex Legends. The robust marking system in Apex Legends is so good that it does not require you to even use the voice chat. 


You can mark anywhere you go, inform your teammates about loot, agree with suggestions just by tapping and pointing the ping button. That’s not all; you can even double-tap the ping button to alert your teammates about enemy location. 


It’s going to save you lots of time and effort as now you no longer have to shout and explain enemy locations to your squad. Moreover, you can hold down the ping button, which opens a menu with even more options. 


This information includes where you should go for loot, whether the enemy team has already looted a particular location, and the like. Therefore, the ping button holds serious importance in Apex Legends. 



Here is a wrap-up on the guide of top 4 tips and tricks to survive Apex Legends’ Battle Royale. Hopefully, these tips could help you learn some pro tricks and play like a pro. For more related updates, keep watching this place!