Gear Equipment, Inc. is the number one suction excavator’s distributor. The suction excavators are made in German equipped with RSP. They own and operate 16 stores all around Canada and America. However, their website is ready for online purchase. Gear Equipment, Inc. offers the best type of excavation truck. It is designed efficiently for both time and usage, making it the best investment for owning an excavator, especially for business purposes.


Dry Suction Excavation Technology Offered by Gear Equipment, Inc.

The excavation truck that Gear Equipment, Inc offers has many sophisticated features that will make the truck function and shows optimal performance. Gear Equipment, Inc. says that the excavator truck has gravity separation operated to the highest degree. The load has been set to be the lowest. Hence, the filters produce consistent high suction performance. The truck’s airflow is generated by the fan. Its maximum vacuum ability is in a high range. The hose for the suction function can move dimensionally. The flexible hose thus can remove material until 50 meters deep within and 150 meters horizontally. Gear Equipment, Inc. also claims that the truck can suck all kinds of media like solid materials up to a quarter meter diameter. Gear Equipment, Inc. also mentioned that the material sucked by the excavation truck is ready on site. The material extracted by this suction truck is claimed to be reusable. Hence, the suction truck does not produce any unnecessary wasteful extraction. Instead, the extraction can be utilized for other purposes such as construction.

The Benefit from Reusable Material Extraction from Dry Suction Excavation Process

Other than being reusable, the material extracted from the excavation process has other benefits. In the construction sites, after excavating a ground using a dry suction excavation truck, they can reuse the extracted material to continue the construction process. Hence, the reusable material makes the construction process takes less budget. You can save from purchasing brand new material and the shipping process of the new material to the sites. Then, since the material is reusable, no waste needs to be taken care of, which means it is safer for the environment. The last, the reusable material on-site can be used directly. Other trucks that do not have this feature need to take the extracted material to their factory to be cleansed and separated and then back to the client. It will take longer and more money. Thus, the reusable material that stays on-site saves money.

A One-Stop Excavators Store, Gear Equipment, Inc.

 All that You Need to Know About Hydrovacs Excavation Truck

 Hydro vac or is also known as Hydro-Vacuum is one of the methods used in the suction truck. Hydro vac or wet truck has the same working principle and goal as the dry suction truck. Yet, the only thing that differs between both trucks is that Hydrovacs uses water as its suction unit while dry suction truck uses air. A high-pressure water jet operates to excavate the sites. You might think that Hydrovacs can only apply for pipe or sewer. Yet, it can also work on the ground. It will fasten extracting the soil by turning them into the mud. Gear Equipment, Inc. also stated that some hydrovacs are capable to determine a certain soil from water. Thus, the hydrovacs truck can suck a riverbank without making the water leak to the hole. This will make underground installation near riverbanks, lakes, and the sea become easier.

Choosing the Right Hydrovac or Dry Suction Excavation Truck

You might be wondering which type of suction excavation truck will benefit your future business the most. While purchasing both of the trucks might solve all your worry. Yet, the number of trucks that you have ready for service will be limited according to its method. That will be an affecting factor in your future business for sure. Gear Equipment, Inc. offers an excavation truck that can make all your worries go. Gear Equipment, Inc. offers an excavation truck that can do both dry suction and hydro vacuum in one single truck. This type of truck truly makes a versatile innovation by Gear Equipment, Inc. With both air and hydro excavation capabilities, a single truck can do multiple jobs at once. Moreover, this versatile suction truck has another plus point. Its tank can operate to do side dump to the left. This way, the suction truck can pour the extracted material sideways. This feature will not obstruct the traffic and is effective. This type of truck will surely benefit your future company and assist your various problems.