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Description: Sport betting sites offer several types of soccer bets. A thorough understanding of these types of football wagers will help punters maximize their wins in 2021.

An Introductory Guide on Soccer Betting In 2021

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. The game builds a lot of excitement in the hearts of prospective fans. Over 3.5 billion people watch football.

It is no surprise that soccer or football betting is popular as well. One reason is that there are several leagues and annual competitions that people can bet on.

It is easy to get started with sports betting. All it takes is the initial drive to start betting and get a lot of returns. To maximize your profits and cut down your losses, there is a lot to learn as you go further.

An Introductory Guide on Soccer Betting In 2021

This betting guide will teach you about the common types of soccer bets. You will also learn useful gambling tips. Both amateur and experienced punters will find this write-up useful.

Popular Types of Soccer Bets

There are several types of soccer bets. Common examples include match bets, future bets, both teams to score wager, and other types of bets. In this guide, we will examine three common types of soccer bets.

Match Bets

A match bet is the simplest and most popular form of soccer betting. You make a prediction about the full-time result of a game. You can place your wager on the away team, home team, or a draw. One thing you should know is that you will get paid based on the results.

If a soccer game proceeds to extra time and penalties after full time, people who predicted a draw have the winning bet. Let us imagine that Chelsea and Newcastle have a game. You will typically see the betting odds being displayed as follows:

  • Chelsea: 1.7
  • Draw: 4.65
  • Newcastle: 9.00

The odds are widely spread apart. Chelsea is the favorite team to win the game. The odds for Chelsea to win are the lowest. In a match featuring opponents with close strengths, the odds will be tighter. An example will be a match between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Correct Score Bets

For a correct score wager, you have to predict the exact final scoreline of the game. This kind of bet has higher odds attached to it. It is more difficult to predict the full-time score of a match than only the winner.

Less likely score lines tend to have higher odds. Let us see how a typical bookmaker will display score odds, using our Chelsea and Newcastle examples.

  • Chelsea win 1-0: 5.00
  • Chelsea win 2-0: 6.00
  • Chelsea win 3-0: 6.50
  • Newcastle win 1-0: 17.65
  • Newcastle win 2-0: 23.50
  • Tie 0-0: 19.00

The wagers with high odds can bring a lot of profit. Bettors tend to lose a lot of money from this type of bet. Don’t waste too much time and resources on correct score bets. It is hard to predict the exact results of games accurately and consistently.

Player Stats Bets

This is an extensive scope of the soccer betting market. You can bet on the players that will score in a game and how many goals the player will score. 

Punters can also bet on whether a player will get a red card or yellow card. This kind of bet can be unpredictable because of the nature of soccer.

Player Stats Bets


This is a relatively new system of soccer betting that has seen immense popularity in recent times. You have bet on several games at the same time. For example, you can play a bet of the 10 matches during a premier league matchday.

To win, you have to predict the result of all the matches correctly without any exception. That is hard because football is very unpredictable. On the bright side, this kind of wager has a beautiful payout. Let us see a typical example of an accumulator for four La Liga games.

  • Barcelona to beat Granada: 1.20
  • Real Madrid to beat Osasuna: 1.40
  • Atletic Bilbao to draw Real Betis: 2.50
  • Athletic Madrid to be Real Valladolid: 1.80

When you multiply the odds for these four games, the final odds is 7.56. If you staked $50 on this game, you can cash out $378. As you can see, this is a fat payout. However, things don’t always go that smoothly in soccer games.

Pieces of Advice for Soccer Betting

There is so much fun to derive from soccer betting. Most people tend to rush into making bets without proper thinking and analysis. The following tips will help you immensely.

Gamble Responsibly

It is fun to wager on soccer games. Keep in mind that unexpected results happen in football matches. Don’t bet more than you can afford. 

Always have an estimated bankroll and stick to it. This is one of the basic rules of gambling. It will go a long way to help you on good days and curtail your losses on bad days. If you are into other sports, follow the link to get a peep into tenisz sportfogadás

Gain Enough Insight before Betting

Don’t bet on any league that you know nothing about. There are several leagues all over the world. Several countries have their national club league. 

The most popular leagues are Europe’s big five – German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A.

Asides from that, we have the world cup and other regional competitions for national teams. The main point is for you to focus on leagues and competitions you are familiar with. 

That way, you will get reasonable results. If you want to get into Hungarian sport betting, do sufficient research if you are not accustomed to the Hungarian league.

Keep Yourself Up To Date

Watch soccer games regularly. Read blogs and articles dedicated to analyzing the performance of football clubs. Look for insights on the performance of individual players.


Soccer betting has never been more popular than it is in this age. If you have been betting on other sports, it is about time that you considered soccer as well. In football, it is straightforward to make bets because only two teams are involved.

By making your analysis on the records and present form of each team, you should have a good shot at predicting game results. 

This guide has introduced you to the major types of soccer bets. You should learn how each type of bet works. Know the type of bet to make at the right time.

Don’t waste too many resources on highly unpredictable types of bets. Reach out to your favorite bookmaker and get into hot betting action.