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Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Google rendition of operating system on mobile devices. And Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus the first ever smartphone powered by Android 4.0.

a photo of Galaxy Nexus


A Galaxy Nexus by Samsung


The tandem was announced last Tuesday night by Google and Samsung at a press gathering in Hong Kong. Nexus features a 4.65” HD Super AMOLED display technology at 720p resolution and a 1.2GHz dual core processor.


The design of ICS was based on three guiding principles:


  1. Android is enchanting


  1. Android is easy


  1. Android should make you feel powerful and smart

Some of the interesting features loaded into ICS


Brand New Look and Feel – A top to bottom revamped. Matias Duarte, its implementer cited that anyone whose experience with the previous  version of Android should now take a fresh look at ICS. The latest Android 4.0 OS will have new widgets for easy navigation, a context sensitive bar for quick editing, a new gesture format, and an easy to follow additional useful commands.


A New System Font – A new typeface font called, “Roboto”. A design that is completely compatible with high resolution screens like that  of Nexus. A magazine-like revamp which could now hold “big bold pictures with giant headlines


Home screen enhancements – A resizable widgets with stacks and scrolling for richer information at your fingertips. Ability to create a folder by dragging one icon on top of another. A customizable quick action bar at the bottom of the screen


Voice Actions – A seemingly like voice recognition/command for Android 4.0 which you can send e-mail, get map directions,    listen to music, search Google etc.


Screen Capture – Can now capture a screenshot of a currently running application by holding down both the volume and power buttons together.


Google+ integration – Google Hang-Out is now integrated for video chatting much in the same way as we use it in Google+. Eight to nine persons can converge for simultaneous talk.


Image editor – A basic image editor that is somehow missing in previous version of Android.


Unified API – Unlike previous version of Android which runs only on specific mobile device. ICS was designed to run on both tablet and smartphone thus make it universally encompassing all Android powered handheld devices.


Android NFC – NDEF PUSH an ability for two Android powered devices to communicate in close range able to exchange datum.


Lets just itemize other included improvements:  notifications, better soft keyboard, face recognition to unlock , reading notifications from the lock screen, Calendar API, Visual voicemail API, OpenMAX AL, camera features, new codecs for WebP and streaming VP8, peer to peer WiFi, GridLayout, texture views, hover events, pluggable spell checking, a KeyChain A and more.

We can figure out from the details that Google direct response to Apple’s iOS5 is the Android 4.0, codename IceCream Sandwich and Samsung’s latest venture with Google could be the company’s answer to again Apple’s iPhone 4S recent smartphone rolled-out.

iPhone5/iPad3: A Completely New Design Concept – cb&i phone number

iPhone5 bendable display powered by iOS5/6? IPhone5 rumors is once again alive and reverberating in all corners of the tech world. No one knows what Apple is really planning up to this time. The company is so tight-lip on what to expect on iPhone5/iPad3-the next gen smartphone/tablet that could be another game changer for the tech industry. But there are so many indicators from various sources that Apple is thinking of a completely new design concept on the company’s forthcoming mobile devices be it iPhone5 or iPad3.

a picture of a bendable iPhone5


Bendable iPhone5


Perhaps, a mounting pressure is cooking-up for Apple’s developers as competitors from all fronts is trying to snatch its number one slot domination of Apple’s products in the market today. So what’s the buzz? Well, for one I made mentioned above about a bendable device capable of twisting in all directions. Bend downward and you see the display zoom or scroll, twist and you change the music tracks, in gaming twist and you turn the car left or right etc. The bendable action can also be use for gestures.  Wow, isn’t that amazing?


Apple in its grand plan to completely overhaul its product line-ups, has asked two of its suppliers TPK Holdings and Wintek, to develop flat panel modules and LED light bars for two iPad prototypes, codenamed J1 and J2, sources revealed.


Another source, General Manager at the China Mobile Research Institute Bill Huang predicts that the next iphone iteration will support LTE technology. But this model will not only support one but two emerging communication connectivity- both the the unpaired TDD and the paired FDD versions of LTE spectrum. If this become feasible iPhone5 will have the broadest range, the clearest and the fastest connectivity among its class of smartphones.


A confirmed reports that Apple last year acquired rights to most of the intellectual property of LiquidMetal Technologies, for use in consumer electronics. The company in involve in the creation of  liquidmetal alloys which yields high performance advantages which is more than twice the tensile strength of conventional titanium alloys. And some of its properties are:


High Yield Strength

High Hardness

Superior Strength/Weight Ratio

Superior Elastic Limit

High Corrosion Resistance

High Wear-Resistance

Unique Acoustical Properties

Low shrinkage rate


And one of its major unique property is its the superior elastic limit; i.e., the ability to retain its original shape (memory) after undergoing very high loads and stresses. Furthermore, the Liquidmetal alloys have much higher corrosion and wear resistance than their conventional (crystalline) counterparts due to the unique atomic structure. Why did I mention about this. If my guess is right, this material is perfect for a new form factor design for both iPhone5 and iPad3 which again could be a game changer on this vertical.

For iPad3 a widespread believe a retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 is already in production. A denser pixels means a brighter viewing pleasure for the users especially for game enthusiast. Another worth mentioning is the recent patent filing of Apple wherein a user will be able to perform gestures on a future version of an iPad display that will directly or indirectly manipulate, control, modify, move, actuate, initiate or generally affect graphical elements such as cursors, icons, media files, lists, text, all or portions of images, or the like within the GUI.


a schematic diagram of an iPad Gesture


Schematic Diagram of An iPad Gesture


A gesture could be characterized by, but is not limited to a pinching, sliding, swiping, rotating, flexing, dragging, or tapping motion between or with any other finger or fingers. A single gesture could be performed with one or more hands, by one or more users, or any combination thereof. Remember a gesture is not only limited to hand manipulation but could be integrated into some capturing technology as well ( e.g. camera or sound capturing technology) which could translate in some form of command.

One of the many reasons why Apple purposely delayed the rollout of the highly anticipated iPhone5 as well as iPad3, I guess is the fact that Apple felt though that the technology needed to run these cutting-edge mobile devices is not yet ready or isn’t put in place yet. Now that we see an advance maturity of LTE technology (4G) Apple is making its move based on some undisclosed sources. Hopefully this coming year (2012) will have an influx of new design concepts from all digital manufacturers and Apple being one of the premier proponent of innovations will showcase their much-talked about products- iPhone5 and iPad3 toe-to-toe with their competitors.