Speech analytics software

Using speech analytics in remote sales is one of the popular businesses for many companies, and it is one of the most in-demand technologies across all enterprises. However, it’s noteworthy to see how the sales department benefits from using speech analytics in their work. Mostly, some use to record calls but are there other benefits that can be used to reach our goal quickly? 


What is speech analytics software?


Speech analytics software is a modern technology that is used to analyze call recordings. There are two parts the speech analytics:

  • Transcribing the audio part into text
  • Analysis of the transcribed content

Using speech analytics

Using speech analytics, you can easily analyze and detect patterns in the phone conversation, identify different keywords that prospects use, etc.,

Through speech analytics, you can also study SMS, emails, phone calls, and other forms of communications done by the sales team and prospects.


What are the benefits of speech analytics in remote sales?

The sales team is one of the important pillars in any business, as they bring in customers directly by talking to them, doing cold calls, and through other means. Hence, it’s necessary to ensure that the sales department is running smoothly and the best practices are being followed there.


Many companies record calls only for compliance purposes and quality assurance. But the same data can be used to analyze customer behavior that can be used in favor of the sales team. 


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits offered by speech analytics.  ..

Get real data to analyze customer’s behavior


Nothing is considered better than to study real customer’s behavior by listening to them. AI for sales is transforming as companies receive hundreds of calls daily, and those calls can be used to understand the different needs of customers, what their requirements are, what they want from your product, how you can solve their problem, etc. If analyzed by any speech analytics software, these calls can provide great insights and data about your prospects. A speech analytics software automatically transcribes the call with 100% accuracy, thus, removing the point of unmined data and biases. After the transcription is done, you can easily study the data, figure out what the customer needs, the pain point, if they have any problem with your product, etc.,

Using speech analytics software, you can study every call, categorize them, use the given information to help your services and products, and take necessary measures. 

Identifying different opportunities to upsell and cross-sell your services

Identifying different

Studying customer data through speech analytics software gives you the chance to identify different opportunities to upsell and cross-sell your products. Based on the customer’s behavior, you can figure out what the prospects need at that time and if they need anything else or if there is any other problem that you can solve for them. When you are able to identify all these opportunities, it will be easy for you to talk to them and further discuss with them about their requirements.

For example, a customer calls your customer center speech asking for something you currently don’t offer, but you can add it to your products list. Analyzing the customer behavior will introduce their needs, and you can easily know if others request this particular need or not. This will allow you to upsell your products, and you can also make your customer happy.


Easily identify unsuccessful calls

Speech analytics software can automatically flag out the calls that were unsuccessful and can also identify the reason on why they failed. You can study them, identify similar patterns if they are repeated, if there’s any need to optimize your sales process, rebuild your B2B sales funnel, or make changes in the sales discovery questions. By learning the reason, you can figure out the best way to handle the calls and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  


Figuring out the gaps in the sales call

Speech analytics software like salesken can give you an upper hand over your competitors. How? By following an effective marketing strategy, studying important customer interactions to see whether they mention competitors and at what point. By identifying those keywords, you can easily prepare yourself to make relevant decisions in the marketing and sales teams. You can also set an alert for the particular keywords to know whenever the customers mention your competitor’s name. 


Sentiment analysis

Some speech analytics software that offers advanced features can analyze the call based on what emotions the customer is feeling at that time. Then, you can identify and sort in the different categories using predefined keywords and phrases. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can study customer behavior to identify how they are feeling and make decisions accordingly.