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Certainly, the main goal of a company is to be profitable. If that weren’t the case, it would be a foundation or a philanthropic endeavor, basically, a non-profit. And though your statement could focus on the necessity you fulfill or the mission you have, to stay on the business is making a profit.


To do so, you need to be a hands-on entrepreneur and start applying some management strategies to your daily operation. Every area is important, and you’ll need to spend some time with each team leader. Still, above all, you need to know your company from head to toe if you want to have a profitable business and generate a strategy that brings all of your operations to work on the same goal.


Imagine this process as a puzzle that needs all its pieces in the right place. To do that, you’ll need to invest time, effort, and money. You can find the last one in places like Camino Financial for small business loans, and the others are all up to you.

Essential strategies to reach profitability

Your focus should be on your strategy and work from there, but there are a few areas that you need to cover no matter what. These are the main ones:


1-. Know your finances


You are going from understanding your financial statements to learning how to create financial projections. This way, you’ll be aware of the bone marrow of your company and, above all, you’ll know how to price your product or service, how to make profits, and how much room for negotiation you have for current and future projects. Remember, a healthy company draws profit in every deal. You can read more about it in Profit First, a book from Mike Michalowicz, an author that can give a boost to your business management skills.

2-. Stay on budget

Having a clear view of your business’ fixed expenses can help you create budgets for different things. For example, you already know many people are on your payroll and, in so, how many people you’ll need to expand the business. You have a budget right there. But you can also have budgets for raw material, research, and negotiate with your providers to lower costs and stay inside your budget and, therefore, protect your profitability and be more attractive to small business loans providers.

3-. Be more productive

There is always room for improvement, and the operation of a company is no different. Take a look at each area of your company, spend some time observing the operation and find the kinks, errors, and delays, and take steps to improve your productivity. It can be from reducing a nail into the manufacturing of a chair to implementing task management software that your team can use to cut down the meeting hours. If you do this in every department, you can easily save yourself some money and have happier employees.

4-. Know your market

This will be important at different levels. First, by doing market research, you’ll be in the loop of market needs, average prices, and, most of all, added values that your competition offers. You don’t have to be the first to do something. You just have to be the best, and being the cheapest is not always the way to go. Listen to your client and give them what they want, even if it’s a little more expensive. You live in an era of comparison and people research to know how to spend their money best.

5-. Focus on talent

An HR department will be your best ally and investment because not only will they recruit and hire the best person to fill a job description, but they’ll also make sure that the talent stays in the company. Career programs, a happy and healthy work environment, benefits, and constant training will be your tools to cut down on turnover and onboarding training, one of the most regular expenses of the company.


Happy employees are engaged employees who do their best for your company, come in time, work towards preset key performance indicators, and become your brand spokesperson. Have you ever seen a Coca – Cola employee drinking Pepsi?

Focus on growing

Once you have applied yourself to these areas, be sure to communicate your findings and goals to your team. Open communication is key, so everyone works towards the same goal. Remember that you can reach out to places like Camino Financial to seek options in small business loans to start a professionalization process.