Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense, YouTube is a big platform for every video maker or beginner who love to do Vlogging. YouTube comes popular in India by the mid of 2014-17 as the internet users increase and Free Jio Service make people to watch videos without buffering.

Now the times there are so many Indians who are became youtuber and live a fameful life. But is there any way to earn money via YouTube. Then the answer is YES

YouTube able you to earn money but to earn money you need to meet Google Adsense and start earning money from Adsense.

But think if your YouTube channel is not accepted by Adsense or because of any violation adsense rejects your channel and ban you from providing advertisements than what to do next.

Best WordPress Themes to Maximize Your Adsense Earnings

Here are some of the ways which makes you able to Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense.

Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense

Review Products

There are many companies and manufacturers who need good reviews for their products and services. If your channel has good numbers of subscribers and views then you must approach any brand to review their product and in return of it they pay you a good amount.

The only thing you have to manage in all this, is you need to create a high resolution video with taking in mind that how your video can give profit to that brand.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply commission making program. This is something which is not suppose to be any review video. You need no meetings with company, all you need to do is just share your experience in the video and give an affiliate link in the description.

Make sure you navigate your viewers good about the product, so that they make a purchase and you earn some commission.


Somewhere near to the affiliate marketing but am just sharing a little story there, I know a Vlogger who daily Vlog and upload the video on YouTube. Slowly he reach to the 1k Subscriber and later he start approaching near by shops to feature in his videos and pay him.

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He consult his viewers about the shop like for best sweets, best Ice-Cream, Best Samosa etc and in return of that he got paid by shopkeepers.

This is totally a crazy thing but still he makes money from this, so i though to share this incident here.


if its about Earn Money from YouTube without Adsense, i must say Sponsor is a good way to make money on YouTube. In this case all you need to grab a Brand or Latest Mobile Application builder and tell them that you will make a YouTube video by featuring your product.

There are Mobile Application called Hike, Happen and many more, you see many YouTubers approch them for sponsorship and they sponsor their video.

This is a good way on one side you give them popularity and promotions by placing their products on your videos and from other side they pay you a good amount.

Videos and Song

There are so many DJs and Music producers who make music videos and upload on YouTube, later on they sell their music and earn money. This kind of thing is depend upon your creativity level and popularity

Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes Free Download – buyer advertising

Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes, WordPress is the largest content management system in the mean of blogging in all over the internet. the best part of the WordPress is you are allowed to add themes and plugins to your website to extract your design and back-end working much better.

if your WordPress blog is having Adsense approval then you are able to make money, but sometimes your blog layout somewhere effects your earnings. here am going to deliver some of the perfect Adsense optimized WordPress themes which makes you earn more from Adsense.

Here are some of the Adsense Optimized WordPress themes free for you, Do comment below to get some more info about the themes and enjoy blogging with money.

Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes Free Download

Techmaish: Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

Techmaish is the genuine theme in the mean of Adsense optimization, I personally use this theme in some of my blogs and yes it effect my earnings, A header Ad space along with in post advertisements and easy layout made this theme awesome and also it’s SEO optimized.

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So, if you are a beginner then I must recommend you to go with techmaish and enjoy every bit of blogging.

Download, Techmaish

NewsPaper, The Modern Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme

Newspaper 8 Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme Free Download, yes the modern age WordPress theme is having the powerful Page builder which allow you to define your creativity on your blog and you can manage your ad spaces also.

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the in post ad spaces, sidebar ad spaces, header and footer ad spaces made this theme very famous, many of blogger using this theme on their blogs as they are easy to access.

Demo | NewsPaper WordPress Theme Free Download

Mystery, Theme-Junkie Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme

Mystery is a Theme-Junkie WordPress theme, Theme-junkie is popular for their easy to use and SEO friendly WordPress themes but as a user of Mystery WordPress theme, i found this theme Adsense Friendly. you can free download mystery WordPress theme from below link.

Demo | Download Mystery Adsense Optimized WordPress theme

NewsMag, Magazine Adsense Optimized WordPress theme

Newsmag, WordPress theme comes with Page Builder and with awesome advertisements spaces, flexible sidebar widget feature make you float ad spaces which allow visitors to not disconnect from your ads.

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Newsmag is a perfect Adsense Optimized WordPress theme which used by more than millions of bloggers, You can easily download the above theme from the link given below.

Demo | Newsmag WordPress Theme Free Download

Bonus, Bindass Blogger Sponsered Adsense Optimized WordPress theme

Samriddhi is the Adsense Ready Theme for all the Beginners and Pro Bloggers here. Samriddhi is a simple and Adsense Optimized theme. If you are a Tech blogger or Gadget Blogger then this theme is only made for you.

The theme comes up with Big header Ad space, Before post Adspace and After Post Ad Space. The Sidebar widget area allows you to add your Adsense code and extract the earnings much better.

Download this awesome Adsense optimized WordPress theme by using below link.

Download, Samriddhi WordPress theme

Hope, You enjoy the above themes, If you know any other theme then do comment below, so people know some more Adsense optimized WordPress themes.

for more WordPress tricks and tips, do visit the blog again. don’t forget to share this with blogger friends and mates.