contracts in Warzone

Warzone is a battle where players often die, especially the beginners. Many professionals are fighting for the crown, and if you’re a newbie trying to learn the ropes, you’ll die more than you kill others. That’s why you need to grab warzone hacks and cheats to simplify the game a bit. 

Also, you need some tricks, tips, and strategies to help you play better and avoid quick deaths. You can even achieve some kills while on the battleground once you know what to do. So, let’s help you with some of the things that can help you survive in Warzone. Check them below.


Survival Tips for Beginners in Warzone 

  • Avoid open places. 

Here is one of the ways to make sure that no one spots your character in the game. Try to avoid open places. If you don’t want excessive bullets to destroy your health points, use buildings to protect yourself. If you must cross the open spots, do it fast, and don’t forget that someone might be watching you from a window. Some players target the high buildings and will shoot from there, especially with sniper rifles. So, don’t make it easy for any of them. 

  • Don’t face all the fights.

Instead of heading towards the deadly fights and dying too fast, you need to step back and analyze it before fighting. Some players are usually too eager to join the shooting spree. But do you need to fight that much to win? The answer is No!. So, choose the fights that you can and avoid the ones that don’t make sense. For instance, Pro players usually advise beginners to avoid Bounty contracts as it exposes them to many risks. So, learn from them. 

  • A Heartbeat Sensor is a must.

This device can help you survive more in Warzone. It helps you uncover enemy positions on the map. If you can identify where the nearest enemy is, you can either confront him or run for your dear life. So, equip this device and use it. Thankfully, you can add it to your loadout or even pick it up in crates. But bear this in mind: your weapon becomes useless as soon as you activate the heartbeat sensor. So, think hard and plan on how to use it tactically to your advantage. 

  • Use Perks to your advantage. 

There are many perks in Warzone, but we love those ones that make you invisible to the enemies. The most popular amongst the perks is Ghost. This one keeps you well hidden from Radar Drones, UAVs, and even the heartbeat Sensor itself. So, all those fear of UAV Killstreaks will dissipate with the Ghost Perk. So, add this weapon to the Loadout you’re preparing for your matches. 

  • Don’t wander alone 

A lone wolf is easier to kill than a wolf with a pack. So, as you’re playing with your teammates, don’t wander off alone. So many dangers will surely defeat you because no one is watching your back. Also, some enemies might locate your faster when you’re alone. So, don’t be easy prey. Instead, stick to the team and plan together. You don’t need to emerge a lone champion since it’s not compulsory. Play together and win together. 

  • Make enough money 

There are many reasons to make money in Warzone. But the most important is to buy the weapons you need.  Also, with enough money, you can even equip your teammates better to survive with you. Some of the ways to make money involve completing some tasks in the name of Contracts, looting on the map, or looting the corpses of enemies. 

Some contracts in Warzone include, Most wanted, Contraband, recon, Scavenger, etc. When you complete them, there’re cash rewards for you. If you prefer to loot, target areas such as the Train Station, Downtown, Quarry, Promenade East, Airport, etc. All these places will offer you some cash. 

  • Use the best weapons. 

Fighting a war with useless weapons can mar you terribly on the battleground. So, grab the best weapons in Warzone and shoot them all. Some of the best ones include Mac-10, Swiss K31, Kar98k, AK-47, etc. Apart from the guns, we’ll recommend you get the UAV to uncover where enemies are hidden. It is like the Heartbeat Sensor but wider in detection. This weapon will cost $4000 to get, but it’s worth the investment. That’s why you need to make money and get the best weapons money can buy. 


Soldiers in a battle prepare their minds for the worst. It is usually tough to survive, but many of them make it home. Even though Warzone is a tough game to win, there are many bagging the crown. All they did was to get the tools, tricks, tips, and strategies that professionals use to win. 

So, now that we have shared them here, start implementing them today for better performance and outcome.