Calling on a cleaning

Cleaning can quickly become time-consuming. Whether for an hour or more, it can sometimes be interesting to bring in a professional. For example, when you deal with thick rugs/carpets, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service such as Carpet Cleaning Upminster. Are you going to hire a cleaning lady? You need to read this article!

The role of the housekeeper

The housekeeper, commonly known as a “housekeeper”, takes care of the upkeep of your interior and is involved in many areas:

– Tidying up

– Daily cleaning, such as dishes, dust, vacuuming …

– Laundry, ironing, and folding laundry

– The “big cleaning”, for example moving the buffet in the dining room to clean behind or below.

– Cleaning of glass surfaces

Sometimes you can agree with her to perform other tasks, such as:

– Gardening

– Groceries

– Meals

Whatever your needs, she can help you on a daily basis, according to her skills and always with her consent.

The prices of a housekeeper

Whether that person simply comes to make the bed, run the dishwasher, or clean the house from top to bottom, we see that the rates for a housekeeper vary significantly. They may depend on:

– Where you live, with higher prices in larger cities where demand is higher

– Hourly rate defined by the agency, agent, or service provider

– The hourly rate charged by the cleaning lady, if this person is independent, and therefore on her own account

– Of the amount that you have managed to negotiate, in agreement with the housekeeper

This price must respect the hourly minimum wage, i.e. a little over 10 dollars gross. This amount is the minimum to give to the employee, but it can be higher in many cases. There is generally an hourly rate:

– From 8 to 23 dollars net for a self-employed professional

– From 20 to 35 dollars in the case of a service provider or agent

– Around 15 dollars if you are a private employer

Random rates

Certain elements and services can increase or, on the contrary, reduce the prices of a cleaning lady:

– Frequency: the hourly rate for a cleaning lady who comes very often can be negotiated downwards if you offer her a contract for several hours per week

– The number of inhabitants can lead to a higher hourly rate, because there are more people who dirty the home

– The house itself may justify a higher expense, especially if there are several floors, if it is very large, etc.

– The presence of animals can also lead to a higher price, especially if they are free to enter and exit as they please.

In any case, before hiring someone, it is a good idea to find out about the exempted rates and try to negotiate them with them if they seem high to you. We hope this post was helpful. Thank you for reading.