Technology drives the modern world. Adults and children alike use technological devices every day. It has undeniably brought us closer, made communication easier and learning materials at our fingertips.

But it is a sad fact that the internet is a source of violent and explicit content, and it harbours predatory individuals. Of course, everyone does not have malicious intent. But a handful of this is enough to give parents sleepless nights.

However, the battle is not over yet. Companies and app developers understand the constant threat posed by the use of the internet. So, they continuously come up with new innovations to counteract the negative aspect of its use. Monitoring apps are among such category and work to combat child phone monitoring free practice. With a user-friendly interface and multiple features, it gives parents the upper hand to monitor the child’s activity on the internet. Qustodio is one such monitoring software. It is an excellent app that is compatible with all platforms

What are the advantages of Qustodio and how does it work?

Many parents are familiar with monitoring apps. But with numerous options on the market, it can be challenging to narrow down a choice. Consider the advantages of Qustodio

Ease of use

This parental control app is among the easiest to use. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Its simplistic features can be used even by a first time user. Many users favour this app due to this reason.
Creating a profile is straightforward. Entering the child’s name, birth year and gender will quickly set up an account. The navigation tabs are simple and basic.

Installation of the app is easy. Users need to download the app to the desired mobile or other devices. In other devices to be monitored, share the link and installation can be done.


Apart from its ease of use, it is compatible with Android and iOS mobiles and tablets, Mac as well as Windows desktops. It works perfectly on devices such as Nook and Kindle.


Unlike some apps which are meant specifically for children or adults, Qustodio can be used by both. This eliminates the need to purchase and use multiple apps, which can be both expensive as well as tedious.

The app regularly generates a user report which is streamlined onto a single dashboard. This quick and easy feature is particularly useful for parents who do not have the time to browse through the entire browsing history of multiple users.

A multitude of features

The heart of any software or app is its features. Qustodio comes packed with features which make controlling child phone monitoring free policy seamlessly.

  • Monitoring of activities on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter. The monitoring is exceptionally robust on Facebook.
  • Call history monitoring. All the calls from the monitored devices can be tracked. Contacts which are on the block list can also be viewed.
  • Text messages received and sent. It tracks and monitors all activities related to cyberbullying, sexting and cyber predators.
  • Blocking apps as well as web pages.
  • Tracking of location in real time.
  • It also features a panic button which allows your child to make a call in case of an emergency.
  • Set a time limit for internet use and screen time. It includes gaming time as well. This can be done on a single device or multiple devices. The app signals a parent when the time limit gets exceeded. Another feature is the ability to switch off a device remotely. Of course, phone calls can still be placed while in this mode as well.
  • Filtering on websites with inappropriate contents. Qustodio effectively filers all content related to pornography, drugs, gambling and violence. This filter feature works effectively on all web browsers. So downloading a new browser cannot override this feature. This is a great way to discourage child phone monitoring free habit.
  • Customization – Qustodio can be customized to suit your personal preferences. This allows parents to work with kids of all ages without offending the other. This feature also comes in very beneficial as the parents can keep tabs on internet use without totally invading the privacy of growing teenagers in the family.


Some monitoring apps can be outrageously expensive with limited use of the number of devices. However, Qustodio’s price is seriously a significant advantage. With just $55 for a full year subscription, it is easily among the most affordable. This comes to less than $5 per month. And this price works for five devices, which is a steal.

A free version is also available for use on a single device. Of course, this does not have all the features of the premium subscription, but it is a great option. Users can get a feel of the app before paying for the full experience.

Why choose Qustodio over other monitoring apps?

It is a paramount responsibility of the parents to ensure their child’s safety. With such an invasive nature of the internet, keeping track of their activities can make all the difference. With Qustodio, it is possible to ensure your child’s safety and wellness. A lot of parents and adults love this app due to the following reasons:


The smart filter option keeps the children shielded and safe from inappropriate content. Of course, parents cannot keep the children under their supervision forever. But the formative years can have a lot of impact on the life of a person.

This feature also encourages responsible use of the internet, whether one is monitored or not.


The streamlined dashboard keeps everything in full view. This allows the busiest parents to have a visual overview of what their child is doing.

Focus on their activities

Setting a limited time for screen use makes the children more focused when they use it. They also have more productivity because they know it will not be accessible after a certain period. Having unlimited access to the device and the internet will not only make them go astray but make them take the entire experience for granted. It reduces productivity as well, whether it is their homework, studies or other activities.