Many things have been said about religion and churches, but the unanswered question remains “Which church is the best? Don’t be in that confused state, below is everything you need.


Authority of the Bible

Where does the authority of the Bible in the church? Does it reign supreme? As the first standard, we have to look if the church’s teachings and preaching are solely based on the holy book of the Christians, the Bible. We do know that the Bible is the word of God; disobeying it would be the same as disobeying God, and that is what every Christian dreads.


  1. Evangelism

As the Son of God was ascending, He commissioned His disciples to teach and make disciples in all the world. Do churches like Planetshakers church do that? Unfortunately, many churches don’t do so, and eyebrows should be raised on that church with these in mind. Nevertheless, this gospel is the good news of salvation which everyone deserves to hear and be comforted with as we await Christ’s second coming.


  1. Fellowship

A man was made to be a social being, and despite our daily meetings with people, our spiritual life also requires some refreshing and communion with the Creator of everything. This calls for the weekly presentation of our souls before the altar for the fellowship. The true church of God should support, encourage and guide each believer in the way of truth as stated in the Holy book.

Sound Doctrine

The doctrine of the church dictates the position of the church on most of the crucial beliefs. They are mostly found on the church’s website or brochure. Unfortunately, many churches in the present world are sprouting with doctrines that aren’t biblical; these pose the harm of misleading believers with selfish intentions from the clergy. A scrutiny of these building blocks of the church should be done to determine the church’s position.


  1. Worship

The goal of every believer is to worship the Creator. Singing, praying, and reading the Bible can not define the word worship but a heart-to-heart communion with God is the definition that we will use on our church meter. The purpose of a true church will be to create an environment that will be suitable for this.


  1. Spiritual Growth

A parent can not be proud of a child who does not grow. As the sun rises and sets, as time tickles by each time, growth also should be progressive. Spiritual growth is necessary for each saint as  human race fell to sin and need to drawback to our Father, and this can only be achieved through teachings and preaching; these are the nutrients necessary for spiritual growth.


Say no more to fallacies and heresies using our church meter, and we wish you find the best church that will nurture and guide you in all the truths. How can one start a journey without direction? Planetshakers church can be our stepping stone.