East Coast Real Estate Predictions

The East Coast’s real estate market has always been wild, but things came to a fever pitch in 2021.  Properties flew off the market, and the entire coast was locked into a sellers’ market that couldn’t be broken.  


If you’ve been considering buying property and aren’t sure if you’ll ever find the right time for it: these are the top predictions for anyone to expect in the coming year.


Home Values Will Rise By 11% in 2022

The average state saw home prices rose by nearly 20% in 2021.  This is an unheard-of amount that many didn’t think was possible and led several news outlets to say the country was in a housing bubble.


Against that expectation, this growth should continue in 2022.  Philadelphia houses for sale will continue to rise in price by 11% throughout 2022, rising by nearly half of that in the final quarter of the year.  There’s no way to tell if this will continue in 2023, but the signs are strong for this year.

Sales Will Generally Slow Down

Sales are expected to slow in 2022 when compared to 2021.  Although the previous year saw homes flying off the market within a week of hitting it, 2022 is expected to go back to a more normal rate where homes may take from two weeks to a month to sell, depending on the area.  This is great news for buyers who didn’t like the bidding wars that broke out at the beginning of 2021.

More Availability for Repairs and Updates

The supply chain for construction materials ground to a haunt through most of 2020, causing a ripple effect that we’re still feeling waves of in 2022.  Thankfully, most of these effects will be gone by the middle of the year, freeing homeowners up to do repairs and replacements where necessary.


This means if you’re buying homes to flip them, now is an awesome time to finish repairs and changes and relist the properties.

Push for Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes have been all the rage since the start of the pandemic when many realized the importance of having a space that was just for them and their family.  Because of this, these are the properties that are being constructed the most and the ones that fly off the market the fastest.  This trend is expected to continue into the new year.

Fewer Beach-Side Purchases

In 2021 NASA put out a startling report that many coastal regions will see flooding throughout the 2030s, which shook things up in the housing market. 


Seaside properties are expected to slow in sales throughout the next few years as fears about this rise and wild hurricane seasons continue to ravage the coastline. As a result, many seek more inland properties, which are also more affordable.

2022 Will Undoubtedly Have Its Surprises

There’s no 100% successful way to predict the housing market, but for now, it looks like numbers are quickly changing, and homes are continuing to fly off the market as soon as they arrive.  If you’ve been struggling to decide when to get into the housing market, now might be time!