For men who ever had sexual activity, having erectile dysfunction can be stressful. Basically, Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a condition in which someone’s penis is unable to have an erection for sexual activity. This condition is the most popular sexual disorder faced by men. Those who are at the age of 40 to 80 years old are having a larger chance of having this erectile dysfunction. Based on some research, the largest number of people with erectile dysfunction is in Southeast Asia (28.1 percent), followed by East Asia (27.1 percent) and Northern Europe (13,3 percent). This sexual disorder is the most complained one. Men will more likely get stressed out because of this disorder, not only as of the impact of the physical inability but also feeling guilty about their partner. Some of the partners also find it stressful because they cannot have a good quality sexual activity. However, if you do not want this to happen to you, there are several recommendations you can take to reduce the erectile dysfunction risk.


Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

Some people may be having a hard time facing this disorder. Most men do not have the preparation if they are facing this problem. Therefore, once they realize that they have it, they will immediately see a doctor for a fast response. If they want a ‘shortcut’ for this problem, then Tadalafil is the answer.

Tadalafil is a medicine that can reduce erectile dysfunction. However, you cannot consume this medicine without a doctor’s prescription.

Thus, make sure to not get on any medication without consulting the health professionals. You can easily do it in this digital world by reaching out to the best digital healthcare platforms like numan, where a team of experts is more than willing to guide you at every step to ultimately help you cure the problem.

Consume Lots of Vitamin from Food

For those who do not face this problem, you are lucky. However, it does not mean that you can be free will not suffer from this disorder. In reducing Erectile Dysfunction’s risk, there is some food that you need to consume. Those are:

· Bell Peppers

Bell peppers have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. In addition, it also functions to help erectile dysfunction patients by relaxing the arteries, thereby increasing blood flow to various organs, including the penis. Not surprisingly, in Uganda, traditional herbal medicines used to treat sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction have the basic ingredients of Capsicum frutescens or red peppers.

· Green vegetables

Vegetables with green leaves are the main menu for the Mediterranean diet and the Japanese diet. Apparently, apart from the high nitrate content that is good for maintaining a healthy body, the antioxidants are also good for treating and reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction. As a suggestion to consume it, it is better to eat it when it is clean and raw rather than cooked because a lot of its content is lost by the heating process.

· Walnut

Walnuts are known to be rich in arginine, folic acid, fiber, and vitamin E. Apparently, all the content in walnuts can help the body produce more nitric oxide. Thus, it will improve and prevent erectile dysfunction.

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Other Food Resources to Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

If you typically do not like vegetables, you need to find other food to reduce erectile dysfunction risk. You can consume the following food:

· Chocolate

Chocolate may increase your weight. However, chocolate is very good for consumption because it is rich in flavanols, plant nutrients that can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. It can also help your body produce more nitric oxide, an ingredient that is believed to help with erections and is found in many ED medications.

· Olive oil

Olive oil is often used by people who follow the Mediterranean diet. According to many studies, consumption of virgin olive oil will eliminate bad cholesterol so that it makes the body healthy and the weight is ideal. Apparently, other positive benefits can be achieved for erectile dysfunction patients because it is believed to reduce the risk and severity of erectile dysfunction.

· Garlic

The plaque often forms on the walls of arteries. This can cause reduced blood flow, even cut off. According to a study, garlic is believed to help arteries stay healthy and clear with age. With not clogged arteries, blood flow throughout the body, even the penis, will not be disturbed. This will make the erection smoother.

· Fish

Salmon and other fatty fish are great sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It is believed to increase nitric oxide in your body. These foods will lower your blood pressure and your risk for heart attacks and blood clots. With a healthy heart as a pump for blood flow, it will also have a good impact on erections.


Based on those, consuming healthy food and maintain a healthy habit is the best way you can do it. Do exercise regularly and avoiding alcohol or smoking will decrease the risk as well. Above all, the usage of Tadalafil as a solution for ED still needs a further explanation from the doctor. Suppose that you are interested to learn more about it; check the CMOAPI site to find further descriptions about this subject.