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Our today recipe is chicken tacos for kids.We will share how to cook chicken tacos for kids.The recipe for chicken tacos for kids is very simple and easy any one can make chicken tacos.There are so many chicken recipes but roasted chicken thighs are very simple to make.


The tacos are one of the most popular dishes of Mexican cuisine . They can be prepared in many ways and all are exquisite. Today we propose to cook some tacos for the children’s menu.

Chicken tacos for kids




Chicken meat

1 onion

Green and red pepper

1 clove garlic



Salt and pepper

Ranch sauce


How to cook, step by step, chicken tacos for kids


  1. Put oil in the pan and pour the chopped onion and the green and red pepper cut into strips. Add salt and stir while cooking ingredients.


  1. Add chopped chicken meat . Add garlic clove, chili, cilantro and pepper. If your children do not like spicy, avoid putting chili or chilli. Mix all the ingredients and fry until they are cooked.


  1. Add ranchera sauce or fried tomato sauce.


  1. Heat the tacos cakes in the oven at gentle power. Stuff the chicken tacos and, if you like, add lettuce, mayonnaise or even, grated cheese on top.

Roasted Chicken Thighs – fantis foods

Our today recipe is roasted chicken thighs.This recipe is very easy every one can make roasted chicken thighs by following this recipe.Recipes for kids to cook are also very easy recipes.


For working moms it is difficult to find time to do all the tasks of the day, among them you can find the dinner or the children’s food. In these cases you can use simple recipes such as chicken thighs roasted in the microwave.


Chicken is a meat highly recommended for children, having a very low fat content helps prevent childhood obesity . It is also very easy to prepare with recipes like the one that we propose, healthy and economic.

Roasted Chicken Thighs Ingredients


4 chicken thighs

4 potatoes

1 onion

1 lemon

Olive oil


Black pepper


Preparation of the roasted chicken thighs


  1. Wash and peel potatoes, cut into thin slices. Chop the onion very finely and put it on a plate. Place the potatoes on top, sprinkle with a stream of oil and sprinkle a little salt on top.


  1. Put in the microwave, covered with the lid so they do not splash, about 3 or 4 minutes at maximum power.


  1. In the meantime, season the chicken thighs. Remove the plate with the potatoes and divide them into four plates. Place a chicken thigh over each and pour the juice of half a lemon, a dash of oil and a pinch of parsley above.


  1. Put in the microwave with the lid at maximum power for about 4 or 5 minutes. Remove and turn the chicken carefully, water again with oil and the other half lemon. Set the grill mode and leave 5 minutes, remove and serve.


Recipes For Kids To Cook – fantis foods

Our today topic is recipes for kids to cook.We will share all recipes for kids to cook which are very easy and kids can also now cook for themselves.Kids can also make homemade chicken burger too because recipe is very easy.

Recipes for kids to cook chicken empanada


The recipes pies are versatile and quick to prepare. We can fit them both in the food as in the children’s dinner, also in the birthday parties or in a picnic with the children. The variety of fillings is huge. There are meat pies, tuna, ham and cheese, bacon with dates or raisins … and so an infinity of ideas. Therefore, empanadas are a good way to introduce different flavors in the child’s diet .

Recipes for kids to cook Ingredients:


300 ml milk (or white wine)

800 gr. Of flour

300 ml of olive oil

Salt and 1 egg to brush the dough

300 gr. Chopped chicken

1 red pepper / 1 onion

1 small jar of crushed tomato

50 gr. Of green or black olives without bone

2 hard boiled eggs / Olive oil

How to prepare a Chicken Pie:


1- First, prepare the dough. Mix the milk (or wine), the oil and the salt until the salt is completely dissolved. Add the flour and mix until the dough leaves the hands. Make a ball with the dough and let it stand for about an hour.


2- As the dough rests, we will make the filling. In a frying pan, with a little oil, poached the onion and the red pepper well chopped.


3- Add the chopped chicken meat, a little salt, and when it has some color, we throw the tomato crushed. Stir.


4 – Chop the olives and hard boiled eggs, and add them to the meat. Mix.


5- Remove the filling from the heat and let it cool.


6- Meanwhile, divide the dough into two parts and stretch them separately until they are very finite.


7- Spread one of the dough with the aid of a roll on a table and arrange it on a platter (previously greased with oil and flour).


8- Pour the meat on the dough leaving a small space at the edges.


9- Spread the other part of the dough and place it on the meat. Close the patty by the edges and paint its surface with the beaten egg, with the help of a brush.


10- Make a small cut (2 cm) in the middle of the dough.


11 – Bring the pie to the preheated oven, 180 degrees, until golden.


12- And we already have our chicken patty ready to be consumed and tasted. Enjoy your meal!


Homemade Chicken Burgers – fantis foods

Homemade chicken burgers recipe is our today recipe.This recipe is for kids too.Chicken and vegetables recipes are very easy recipes and we will share more recipes of chicken.

Homemade chicken burgers Easy and quick recipe


The more homemade a recipe, the more tasty, nutritious and healthy will be its result. Most kids like hamburgers, and what better hamburgers can our kids eat than the ones we buy at fast food restaurants ? Well, the one we do at home.



500 gr. Chopped chicken meat

2 eggs

3 tablespoons (grated) breadcrumbs

2 cloves garlic

Chives and parsley

Salt and oil

Tips: You can also add pepper or cheese to hamburgers, before we bring them to the fire. And to accompany, nothing better than a fresh salad or white rice.

How to prepare a homemade chicken burgers:


  1. In a bowl, mix chicken meat with salt and pepper.


  1. Add chopped garlic, chives and parsley. Stir well to mix thoroughly.


  1. Beat the eggs and add it to the meat mixture. Y remove.


  1. Add the breadcrumbs and mix everything with your hands.


  1. Now made the dough for hamburgers, now we will have to form.


  1. To give the shape of hamburgers, make a large ball with a piece of dough. When we have made the ball, crush it well with the other hand to form the hamburger. Reserve.


  1. In a frying pan with a little oil, fry the hamburgers on one side and another until they have a toasted color.


  1. When removing the hamburgers from the oil, arrange them on a paper towel to absorb all the fat.