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Betting on sports is not meant to be fun in itself. Instead, it is an activity that can heighten the excitement of a sporting event… and maybe make a bit of money. There are many who are only in it for the moneymaking part, constantly reading match previews and football results to find out how much they have won, thus missing out on all the fun there is to be had.

But betting can, indeed, be fun – if you find the right things to bet on. You can start by checking these out.

The next James Bond

Five actors have played Her Majesty’s secret agent on the silver screen so far – and a sixth has played him unofficially. The latest, Daniel Craig, has put on the tuxedo five times before leaving the franchise – before the filming for “No Time to Die” started, though, he was already contemplating not taking the part, which immediately led to speculations on who his successor would be. And upon the completion of the movie, it became official that he was retiring.

But who will be his successor?

According to the odds posted by the bookies, Tom Hardy is currently the actor most likely take on the part of the 007. The other actors who may become the world-famous secret agents include Richard Madden, Luke Evans, Jamie Bell, Henry Cavill, and even David Beckham – although the odds are pretty much against him.

The Oscars

The biggest event in the movie world is the awards ceremony of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – in short, the Oscars. Movie fans all over the world are on the edge of their seats about which actor, actress, director, and movie will get a golden statuette, especially after a year this scarce in new productions. And they bet on it, too.

This year, the movie with the best odds to get the “Best Picture” award is Kenneth Branagh’s “Belfast”, followed by Stephen Spielberg’s “West Side Story”. Kristen Stewart is expected to win “Best Actress”, Will Smith is thought to have the best chance to be named “Best Actor”, and Jane Campion of “Power of the Dog” fame is expected to win the award for the “Best Director”.


Politics is the fiercest battlefield and the most entertaining circus – if you are not the one suffering the consequences, that is. Like all other confrontations, this is also something that you can bet on.

This year, British PM Boris Johnson seems to be the butt of the joke – at least when it comes to betting. According to the bookies, he will only last in his office this year – 2022 will come with him being replaces as the PM of Britain. And he has an almost 50% chance (plus the house edge) chance to be.