Canninghill Piers site plan

If you do not have a property and planning to purchase one, then congratulations. As a beginner, choosing a property like an apartment may seem hard. You need to find the best place at an affordable price. In addition, if you are typically the person that travels a lot and does not have a vehicle, public transportation accessibility can also be your primary consideration. As ordinary people, we must know what to pay attention to before choosing the right apartment unit. Many people make apartments as an alternative to housing to get around the lack of land availability in big cities. Not only that, but apartments are also considered a lucrative investment instrument. Even so, buying an apartment is certainly not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. If you are a first-timer person in buying an apartment, read the following article.

Accessibility is the key

Having a residential place that is near a healthcare, transportation facility, entertainment center, or education center is a great choice. That is why before purchasing a residential place, some people will consider accessibility first. If you are a worker, then choose an apartment near the work location. This is important so that you can save on daily transportation costs. Regarding the previous point, choose an apartment location that is close to toll road access and public transportation modes, such as bus stops, MRT stations, and so on. Besides being able to make it easier for you to do your activities, apartments with the best access usually have a higher investment value. If you want to have those facilities, choose Canninghill Piers as the Canninghill Piers site plan will be linked to Fort Canning MRT.

Consider the price and your ability to pay

For those of you who want to buy a new apartment unit, tips on buying an apartment for beginners that you can do are to buy it during the soft launch or during the pre-order process. Usually, apartment developers give big discounts to potential buyers during the soft launch. This can be a separate trick to reduce unit purchase costs. Besides, when buying an apartment, you will usually be subject to taxes along with other unexpected costs. Ask how much is the tax and other costs, such as security fees, parking, water, and so on. In addition, when you intend to buy an apartment, of course, you have to prepare some money. Besides the basic costs, you should consider other costs such as taxes and apartment fees. It would be best if you also asked the agent about the payment method in case you want to calculate your expense.

Take a look at the facility and developer

This one thing is very important for those of you who are buying an apartment for the first time, especially if you want to buy a unit during the soft launch. In the process, the apartment building that you want to buy may not have been built. To avoid rogue developer mode, find out its credibility before buying. Canninghill Piers is developed by prestigious developer CapitaLand and City Development Land or CDL. That is why based on the Cannninghill Piers review, the residential place will have a high rentability, and great convenience as the project is developed by top developers. To be more sure, you can check the developer’s credibility from the permit and legality of the apartment. Make sure the developer has obtained certificates or other legality forms from the local government. Not only new, but this also applies to those of you who are planning to buy a used or used apartment unit. If you are still afraid to buy on your own, then you can rent help from a professional agent. Later, all matters related to buying and selling apartments, such as finding the best location, unit, negotiating, to taking care of correspondence, will be carried out entirely by property agents.

Based on those tips, it is essential to prepare those things before deciding on an apartment. It is crucial because once you choose the wrong developer, you will lose your money. You may have seen some people who have already pay a certain amount of money, and then the developer is not responsible for it. You do not want that case to happen to you, right? That is why choosing housing like Canninghill Piers is the best choice as the project are developed by top developers. Besides, as the launch is expected in 2021, you will also get a special launch price. If you still do not know the facilities and types of the unit on Canninghill Piers review, you can visit the website or download the e-brochure on the menu. Do not wait until the units run out. Register now and get the special offer from Canninghill Piers!