We rejoice that Dad arrived safely home on July 9th! The Hovind Family had a Welcome Home Party for him on July 11th and because Dad is on Home Confinement until August 9, the party was held at the Creation Today ministry home.

The Banner High Above the Street Said:


God sent over 500 people through out the day to welcome Dad home. So humbling!!!! Because of the venue’s limited space, we could only take 40 people at a time in to visit with him. Visitors received tickets for 30-minute slots which they received upon their arrival. We gave welcomers maps to the Creation Store only a mile away, where they could view the Genesis 3D Movie Trailer in 3D, and look at Dr. Hovind resources during their wait if they needed somewhere to go.

We gave each child a Super Rubber Band Bookmark which can be viewed on the Creation Today website. (http://creationtoday.org/product/super-scientific-rubber-band-launch/) Dr. Hovind demonstrated and signed these and a Super Paper Airplane  (http://creationtoday.org/product/preparing-to-soar-dino-super-airplane/)

 which some volunteers patiently made for the children all day. We gave the adults a sample of the “Dear God…Knee-Mail” Book One

 (http://creationtoday.org/product/dear-god-knee-mail-book-1-ebook-pdf/)with two of Dr. Hovind’s Knee-Mails while guests enjoyed cold, bottled water, and pre-packed chips and cookies.

Groups came into the Gazebo as I, serving as Master of Ceremonies, thanked and welcomed guests asking what year they had heard about “Dr. Dino” and from where they had traveled to come. One couple came from the Philippines and one from South Africa! Seriously for this event! How humbling!

Dad talked with each group, and then took them in the backyard to demonstrate the launching of a Super Paper Airplane! Wow! Dad was in his element and didn’t miss a beat!

Every group filled to capacity except the very last group which had about 25! Wow! Thank you, God! We really didn’t know how many would actually come, and if they would be patient with the heat and wait, and not getting to spend all day with Dr. Dino. But people seemed very gracious. The probation office recommended that we copy an ID for everyone over 16, and have them sign a statement saying they were not a convicted felon, which we did. Sadly, we had to turn some away. One grown man that Dad had led to Christ in prison just cried; but understood when we explained that Dad can’t be with felons until his 3-year probation is over. We are carefully complying with all rules for his supervised release.

We were so humbled, and so grateful for the many sacrifices people made to give such encouragement to Dad. Our family was so humbled by your encouraging email notes, generous home-warming gifts, and your presence on Saturday. We know that Dad felt extremely valued and appreciated.

Your patience with the small space, limited time, and the heat were also appreciated by all of us. Your prayers have been felt! Please continue praying as we enter a new chapter of our family’s life, and a new time of ministry for Dad. Right now, he is loving being GRANDPA again!

Thank you, again, from all of us.

All for HIS glory,

Eric and the Hovind Family

Coming Home  – homefed

The Hovind Family would like to celebrate the homecoming of Kent Hovind with you. He will be released from federal prison on July 8th. We invite you to celebrate with us on Saturday, July 11th. The family will open the Creation Today ministry home at 29 Cummings Road, Pensacola, from 12 noon to 8:00 pm that day for friends and visitors to drop in and say hello. In order to help us plan some light snacks for this celebration, we request that you R.S.V.P. to the Kent Hovind Facebook Page so that we can adequately prepare. https://www.facebook.com/events/1666542516908311/

We wanted to remind everyone that the former Dinosaur Adventure Land Park was closed in 2009. We didn’t want your travel expectations to include doing activities in the former park.

During Dr. Hovind’s first month of release, he will be on Home Confinement and therefore, is not able to accept speaking engagements. Following this period, he will begin his five-year probation status and will only be able to travel outside the Northern District of Florida via court order.

Because Dr. Hovind has been away from his family for nearly nine years, we request that individuals wishing to visit with him further give him a few weeks to love on his family. More details regarding his availability and contact information will be posted in the near future. Thank you for praying for God to lead him as he plans his new ministry endeavors. When a new phone number and email are in place for him, we will post that contact information.

Whether or not you can come in person, thank you for praying and rejoicing with us.

Inside the Courtroom  – homefed

Forbes.com contributor Peter J Reilly has been following Dr. Kent Hovind’s case for some time now. Yesterday he added a post about the events and atmosphere in and around the courtroom in the first days of the trial.

    Monday was devoted to jury selection with the government beginning to lay out its case yesterday.  Observers are not permitted to take notes.  (They are also not permitted to open their Bibles, further proof to the Hovindicators that Bush appointed district court judge Margaret Casey Rodgers is altogether a wicked Jezebel seeking to persecute Christians).  The evidence presented focused on the various filing by Paul John Hansen and included testimony from IRS administrative personnel and a Nebraska notary who witnessed numerous documents from Hansen.

Read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterjreilly/2015/03/04/government-focusing-on-codfendant-hansen-as-kent-hovind-trial-commences/

Home Confinement  – homefed

Update from Eric Hovind

We received an update regarding my Dad’s release. According to his latest review meeting, he will be sent to home confinement for a period of six months on February 11, 2015. Dad continues to request that 6 months of Half-Way House time be added to that, as the BOP regulations permit up to one year of Half-Way House time on a ten-year sentence. However, the BOP regulations do not require them to grant a full year. It is a discretionary decision that lies in the hands of the BOP Administration.

Dad also continues requesting a furlough transfer closer to home. He is currently still in Berlin, New Hampshire, over 1,500 miles from Pensacola.

Kent Hovind #06452-017

FPC PO Box 9000

Berlin, NH 03570 USA

We all continue asking God to work all for HIS glory. To the many who are praying for Dr. Hovind, we say a humble thank you.

All for HIS glory,

Eric Hovind