When it comes to our face, we often feel like something is missing. Maybe it could be a little bit slim or have a chiselled jawline. While we are not implying that you aren’t already beautiful, but pretty things can be made prettier.

Those who know the art of contouring knows how to get any face shape with their top-notch contouring skills. But what about the rest of you who aren’t so good with makeup. Or what if you are a man? The good news is, you can also get your desired face shape in no time. Don’t fret! We are not suggesting you go under a knife. What we are suggesting is you may want to embrace eyewear to change your face shape.

Although glasses don’t alter your face shape, they do a hell of a job at creating the illusion of a face shape that you desire. They put emphasis on certain parts of your face that kind of overshadows the ones that you are not so proud of. So let’s explore the different frames out there that are made just for your natural aesthetics.


Glasses or different face shape

Whether you are buying prescription glasses, fake frames or blue screen glasses, it pays to shop around your face shape. It helps in elevating your overall look and enhances your beautiful features.

Round face shape

Your face features a wide forehead, rounded chin and full cheeks. It is easy to spot a round profile due to its visibly circular appearance. Your face misses strong angles and lines. So you need glasses that have angles and slim down your face by creating a contrast to your natural curves.

Choose glasses in rectangle or square shape. They will balance your natural symmetry making your face appear thinner and longer. Downplay the curviness of your face with angular frames with embellishments, vibrant prints, bold colours and patterns.

Square face shape

Contrary to a round face, a square face is identifiable by its strong jawlines and sharp angular features. Choose thin metallic frames with curvy round lenses. They will soften your sharp angles and create a beautiful contrast. Do not go for overtly angular frames as they will make your face appear more squarish giving it an odd structure.

Round, oval and cat-eye women’s glasses are perfect for your square face shape. You may take eyewear inspiration from Angelina Jolie and Justin Timberlake as they also have a square face.

Oval face shape

People with an oval face shape are the luckiest when it comes to fencing the right frame style. Just because your natural symmetry is perfect, most frame styles will look amazing on your oval face.

However, do not disrupt the symmetry by sporing glasses that are too round. If you like round glasses, make sure that the lenses are not curvy. For a sophisticated look, go for rectangular glasses. Whatever you wear, make sure your frames are not taking attention away from your natural balance.

Heart-shaped face

Defined chin and high cheekbones are your most prominent facial features. Your face shape looks like a heart as the top part is wider than the bottom part. Order glasses online that have bottom rims to put more emphasis on the bottom part of your face.

You may as well go for a frame that is wider than your forehead with decorative detailing at the endpoints. Light-coloured frames or glasses in the tortoiseshell pattern will lend character to your glasses.

Oblong face shape

Your face is longer than it’s wide. You have a tall forehead and the sidelines of your face are quite straight. To balance the proportions, go for glasses with embellished temple arms. Or go for thick chunky rims in unique patterns to distract from the length of your face.

Diamond face shape

Your cheekbones are the broadest part of your face. To dial down on the broadness, opt for glasses with wider rimes at the top of the frames. This will bring more attention to your forehead and give you an edgy look. Women with a diamond face shape look best in cat-eye frames. If you are a man with a diamond face shape, go for a pair of butterfly glasses frames for men.

We hope you now understand how to play up your best facial features with glasses. Whatever your face shape is, there is a pair of glasses made just for you.

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