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An Image Photo of iPhone4S and iPhone4

Admittedly I’m one of those people disgusted over the decision of Apple to hold back iPhone5 debut. And I honestly predicted that iPhone4S won’t make the same record sales against its predecessor, the iPhone4. I based my skepticism on the idea that iPhone4S is only a refurbished. But I was dead wrong.

iPhone4S in just the first 12 hours took 200,000 pre-orders all taken as reported by AT&T, one of the biggest mobile network carrier in the US. According to the company iPhone4S was so far the most successful smartphone launched AT&T has ever had. Because of insufficiency of supply against the demand late pre-order comer are being told to wait at least one to two we  ks until new stocks arrive

All other specs are basically the same. The table above is the most prominent difference between the two model.

One of the most notable inclusion into iPhone4S specs is the integration of its new iOS5 and Apple iCloud servicing. Apple says that there are over 200 new features codes into the updated OS. A list that includes Newsstand, Reminders, iMessage, WiFi sync, Find My Friends, split keyboards, AirPlay mirroring  and the Notification Center, greeting cards etc.

Aside from the new features added to iPhone4S above there are still some department in which Apple make vast improvements. And perhaps the most promising of them all is what Apple called, SIRI. A voice application that recognizes English-words commands in interacting with the interface.

Apple Incorporation once again raises the bar of excellence on their products by incorporating this new technology earlier than expected. SIRI could have been the main feature of iPhone5.

Another major move by the company to expand its base for iPhone4S, was partnership with Sprint-the third largest carrier in the US which could bolster Apple’s market share in prepaid card.


Can iPhone5 Still Dominates the Market? brantley telephone company

In a few more days or so, Apple Inc will again unveil their highly anticipated entry in the smartphone category: the iPhone5. The expectation is really high. For all we know everytime Apple introduces either product/service to the market consumers can’t seem to wait long. People queue as if the products/services is extremely necessary for life’s existence. This is the branding hype environment created during the stewardship of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple.

a photo of iPhone5


iPhone5 Looks


But in the coming launch Tim Cook will now be on the center stage. Of course we do not belittle what Cook can bring to Apple. Cook, current Apple’s CEO is respected in this vertical.


But some sectors are still quite skeptic.


First and foremost the said the product launch is already late in its original scheduled-plan launching. iPhone5 is not deliver on time for some problem in the production line. Lets not forget the adage, “Timing is of critical essence in product launch”. And all businessmen know this.


Second, regularly it takes 24 months to manufacture a fully featured-laden product. But in the case of iPhone5, Apple is under pressure to release this fifth generation model of iPhone earlier than needs it to be. Remember Apple is facing tough competition in all fronts from other known digital manufacturers. Another famous saying goes with this, “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail”. For years, Apple has won the heart of consumers by creating high excellent products/services never seen before technology designs and software capabilities. And the company needs to sustain this lasting impression as the digital trend setter. And this is precisely where Apple gets its mammoth revenue.


Lastly, there is looming belief that iPhone5 will not be getting all its cutting-edge technologies that for all Apple product lovers always looks forward to. And there’s even more strong speculations that “No iPhone5 to Unveil but instead an apple inventory system contains references to a product code name, “N94AP”; which points to iPhone 4S – an update from fourth generation iPhone that we heard Apple is planning to serve for low end consumers.


No one really knows what Apple plans. The company maintains its silence except for invite to press people to an event on their backyard at Cupertino. Apple has a reputation of turning the tide always on their favor. The most successful company in the world never bends on the outside forces that pulls the market but relies on the ingenuity of their creation. Back-up by a completely new computing paradigm shifts and revolutionary technology. Apple Inc stock remains bullish. This makes Apple entirely different from their competitors.


Much of the stories on pros and cons about Apple and its product/services had been said. But a doubt still runs on my mind.


Can iPhone5 still dominates the market? A question that will be answered in coming days to come!


Apple Sends Invites for Press Conference for iPhone5 – brantley telephone company

iPhone5 rumors officially ends! Apple starts to send invites for a press conference on Tuesday-October 4th. The event will take place at their own backyard in Cupertino’s Campus. The company is expected to make some announcements on the availability of Apple’s much awaited fifth generation variant model of iphone: iPhone5.

iPhone5 image photo


Apple’s iPhone5


Initial assessment of some insiders say that it seems only one model will be unveil by Apple. The conference might showcase the latest iphone features, the integration of voice command module, an iPhone Assistant app and perhaps an iOS5 running on A5 processor same as apple ipad.


The biggest revelation of the event could be the first-ever keynote and product launch of Tim Cook as the new CEO of Apple. Press people, investors, competitors are eagerly awaiting  how Tim Cook could create an impact as his predecessor, Jobs always did. This is an apple trademark by presenting the world of its high-valued and very excellent products.


The world needs to know two things; First, iPhone5 release date. Second, real score on the actual specifications of iphone5 features. What we knew and seen only are apple iphone5 pictures circulating around the net.


One more boiling surprise is about to be seen as perhaps the primer on this event. Will  Zuckerberg stands side by side with Cook. For all we know Facebook might coincide with this event also the launching of iPad app.


All eyes will be watchful on Tuesday not only to see the iPhone5 being herald by Cook but the next big things ahead on Apple.