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From conceptualization of iPhone5′s to its final product design, the project is said to be last of Steve Jobs involvement with Apple. The project is huge with a complete redesign of specs though rather than just ‘a mere cosmetic upgrade’ from a previously launched products. Anonymous analyst also added, that Jobs knowing his time is short devoted much of his time and efforts on this one last piece of hoorah.

a photo of iPhone5


iPhone5 Looks


The next gen iPhone5 might be fully loaded with all the cutting-edge components that end-users have long been asking for. [a thinner profile, 4G capability, and a larger display screen. Perhaps an iOS6 version of OS and/or a Siri 2nd version of Apple’s voice command  and a 12 megapixel camera on board]


But for my own opinion I already written a blog post about iPhone5 and it turns out that some if not all of the present configuration and specifications of iPhone4S might be carried through on the next generation of smartphone in one way or another. So it’s not safe to say ” completely redesign specification after all”. But I would also accept the fact that an “all new design” concept is very much possible. From the sources we gathered so far iPhone5 is still in its design phase and there are still no specific confirmation from Apple as to what really its next iteration of phone would looks like to be. Except for some peeping insider’s leak-out rumors, we were able to show image of what an iPhone5 might look like.


Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw, wrote in a research note this week. He expects the iPhone 5 to be a “cult classic”. His fearless forecast says, iPhone5 will establish the high water mark volumes of sales because of Jobs’ involvement.


The iPhone 5 could be first seen sometime around the time of Apple’s Developer’s Conference in the summer of 2012, according to Kumar’s research note.


We already know the success stories behind iPhone4S record breaking sales even on its pre-order state. But iPhone5 being the last contribution of the co-founder of Apple himself, the late Steve Jobs, this could have tremendous bearing on the saleability of this product.


iPhone4S Smashing Record Sales – brantley telephone

With the official entry of Apple’s iPhone4S in the market everybody seems to be possess by some unknown power to either get the phone the first time, get an upgrade from iPhone4 or make a total switch from some other brand that end users previously was using. This is the prevailing general atmosphere among consumers of the world as this iPhone4S was launched. With countless positive reviews and comments about this amazing phone, skeptical consumers gradually melts down.

a picture of people lining-up on Apple Store


People Waits for Apple Store to open




People’s sentiment may be attributed partly due to the legacy of late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs! And of course the product ingenuity itself. The demand for the device is fast doubling up against the supply. Shortage might be inevitable as consumers continue to file-up.


According to reports from Bloomberg, analysts are unanimous to forecast Apple will sell 2 million to 3 million iPhone 4S units this weekend alone. Some are even predicting sales could reach up to 4 million.


Sprint reported record single days in the United States for any device. AT&T said it had broken the record for the number of iPhone activations in a single day. While Verizon Wireless, meanwhile stay conservative only saying that sales were “fast and active with steady traffic all day.”


As users begin to pound and hammer the device we can expect to discover minor flaws and hiccups from iPhone4S. The only glitch we’ve been hearing so far is about connectivity to iOS5 for update caused by the massive demand for the OS. And entertaining misguided answers to some far-off questions courtesy of Artificial Intelligence called – Siri, a voice command/recognition technology tightly entwined to iOS5.


How is this going to affect the Apple’s stock market shares on this recent craze on iPhone4S phenomenon?


Recent report shows the company’s shares closed up 3.3 percent at $422, the highest closing price on record. It even went up as high as  $422.86 before closing. Trader Analysts have a unified consensus on bullish outlook on Apple. All of them agree that the stock is a “buy.” Apple’s stock price to jump to $530, a fearless prediction by Group analyst Carl Howe.


All that enthusiastic optimism, plus an earnings report next week that’s expected to shatter Wall Street expectations, has   prompted investors to join the bandwagon on Apple’s shares today.


Avid and loyal shareholders of Apple for quite sometime over the years now is the sure winner for this positive development and will certainly exact huge profits.  Apple’s shares have jumped nearly 4,530 percent beginning October 2001. Company’s stock has risen 455.75 percent. As seen by observers, the last 12 months have proven profitable for Apple shareholders as the stock has gained nearly 38 percent appreciation.


Note: you can use the flying bird to make a tweet….


Apple’s Siri: iPhone4S Most Exciting Feature – brantley telephone

Despite lukewarm reception from the day iPhone4S was unveiled reviewers of the smartphone are now chanting in unison, “Oh! What a great piece of mobile device”. We may say that once again Apple is a runaway winner when it comes to innovations. The company is always pioneering in raising the bar of excellence in its entire line of products/services.

a photo of iPhone 4S of Apple


An iPhone 4S Image


And this is probably the main reason why people love Apple so much because you can undoubtedly expect an optimal product design and superior support services. With this recent development, people will certainly line-up once again in eager anticipation for iPhone4S official release date to the public.


What is the buzzword for Apple iPhone4S?  Have you heard SIRI? Well this technology a deeply integrated feature into the phone core system is the magic formula Apple used in its new product unveiling. And magically it works!


What is Siri, anyway?


Siri is a personal assistant application for iOS5. The application uses natural language processing to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to an expanding set of web services-a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. A complex artificial intelligence software capable of human to machine interaction with the user using voice command and/or recognition interface.


You may find yourself a bit silly on the eyes of other because you are now talking to your phone.


Also,  Apple made quite a couple of tweaked enhancement under the hood to vastly improve iPhone4S overall performance including a faster processor, a more advanced camera, and a new antenna design-capable of deciphering weak signal reception. Remember iPhone4S now works on either CDMA or GSM capable networks making Apple phone universally accessible across the world.

a side view photo of iPhone4S


A Side View of iPhone4S


Apple’s A5 dual-core 1GHz processor along with a dual-core GPU makes the iPhone 4S twice as fast and offer graphics performance that is 7x faster than its predecessor -iPhone 4. iPhone4S can provide 8 hours of talk time over 3G, 14 hours over 2G, 6 hours of browsing over 3G, 9 hours via Wi-Fi, 10 hours of video playback, and 40 hours of music playback.


The 4S offers eight megapixels of resolution (2448-by-3264 pixels) along with a bunch of improvements to optics and a wider (f/2.4) aperture. The iPhone 4S also shoots video at 1080p.


To know better on the capabilities of Siri, I suggest YOU to read a post that I consider most inspiring. A lengthy drive test of the author to gauge what this Sire technology is all about.