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While men’s style continues to evolve, there’s just something so suave, yet badass about the formal threads that those Madison Ave executives rocked back in the 60s. So how do you pull off Don Draper’s sleek professional style? Read on and we’ll show you four easy ways to give your outfit that debonair, vintage edge.


#1: An American suit for the quintessential American man

As was the case with the best-dressed fellas in the 60s, the American suit is Draper’s go-to in grey, charcoal, and navy. The great thing about the American suit is that it fits any body type, and today’s versions offer more of that athletic, tapered V-shape we see with DD’s outfits. To learn more about the difference between suit types, check out our Tips for Choosing a Flawless First Suit.


#2: Plain white oxfords

A striped oxford would undoubtedly make Draper look more up-to-speed with modern style, which is why he’s always wearing solid white shirts during the workday. Even as a nod to vintage style, plain white is still tasteless these days. But if you want to mimic the style and still look your age, go with a solid white-ish color like cream or soft yellow to give your outfit a classic feel.


#3: Rock a skinny tie

Just like today, those fat, wide ties were for the common man back in the day. To give a picture-perfect finish to that signature Draper look, go with a skinny tie. It can be striped or solid, but avoid patterns. Remember—we’re talking about the buttoned-up culture of the corporate world in the Sixties here.


#4: Don’t forget a pocket square

Draper was definitely an accessories guy, evidenced by his use of cufflinks and a white pocket square folded horizontally. You don’t have to go with a white pocket square, but make sure it matches the color of your shirt to capture the Mad Men trademark of style.


Guys: How to Look Hot and Stay Cool – lulu’s fashion lounge inc

We get it. You want to keep cool this summer without sacrificing your sleeves—10-4 on that. Besides, your office definitely doesn’t need a Dwight Schrute impersonator. Below we’ll break down a few quick tips on how to keep cool and look your absolute best in your work wear.


#1: Stick with cotton

For your slacks and shirts, cotton is simply the way to go in the summer. The great thing about cotton and cotton blends is that they actually help sweat evaporate. We don’t recommend 100 percent linen for the office because it wrinkles worse than a raisin, but blends of linen and cotton are great for this balmy time of year. When going with 100 percent cotton, look for pima cotton or Egyptian cotton to keep as cool as possible.


#2: Oh yeah, don’t forget cotton ties

Silk might not seem that heavy, but when you have a cotton tie hanging from your collar for the first time, you’ll definitely be able to tell the difference. And while they’re insanely lightweight, cotton ties are incredibly easy to take care of and don’t nick the way that silk ties do. Be sure to go with a skinny cotton tie for maximum coolness.


#3: Lighten up your colors

We don’t only wear colors like light blue, yellow, and white to jive with the bright colors of the season, but we wear them because they help reflect sunlight. When it comes to clothing, the darker the color, the more it actually absorbs the heat.


#4: Watch your weaves and your weights

The weave of a fabric is what makes it breathable or insulating, and for summer, you want a weave that’s a little more open to allow maximum breathability. Weaves such as poplin and end-on-end are ideal for the warm months, as long as the fabric is lightweight.


Stay cool, fellas.


Fashion on a Budget: DIY Skinny Ties – lulu’s fashion lounge inc

We know you love your duds from Skinny Tie Madness—but what about those super-thick, out-of-date ties that you’re hoarding in the back of your closet?


No worries! Reduce, reuse, recycle as they say and turn your old ties into something brand new with this video from The Polished Gent. Just follow their step-by-step instructions to transform your old, fat neckties into super-chic skinny ties!


Breaking Bad Fashion – lulu’s fashion lounge inc

Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte (aka Walter White Jr.) has been photographed front-row at Dsquared2, Philipp Plein and Emporio Armani fashion shows, but the 22-year-old made his runway debut in Vivienne Westwood’s Milan Men’s Fashion Show this week.


Mitte modeled two looks, one including a textured formal blazer, graphic sweatshirt and floral slides. To see more pictures, visit


Photo Friday: Blake Lively – lulu’s fashion lounge inc

Blake Lively looks good in everything, but the former Gossip Girl star and lead in the new hit movie The Age of Adeline knows how to rock a suit! Lively is also an entrepreneur and recently launched her e-commerce site, “Preserve.”


London Men’s Fashion Week – lulu’s fashion lounge inc

As London’s Men’s Fashion Week comes to an end, many writers and editors take note of how different it is from Women’s Fashion Weeks across the board. While tensions tend to run high at Women’s Fashion Week—whether it be in Milan, Paris or New York City—London’s Men’s Fashion Week was a huge party. People packed in tight, drank and had a great time while they viewed collections by superstars like J.W. Anderson, Craig Green and Alexander McQueen.


The show was expanded from three to four days, and it was full of old and new designers and a huge crowd, with attendance up from international buyers and media. Designer Christopher Bailey introduced his new collection “Straitlaced,” which featured a mixture of trim tailoring and lace. The line includes lace shirts, clipped lace ties, lace tank tops and lace-trimmed trench coats for men.


​4 Failsafe Father’s Day Gift Ideas – lulu’s fashion lounge inc

Your dad is the man.


He’s the man who always leads by example, the man you’d watch shave in the bathroom and pull off a half-Windsor knot with expert precision. On the weekends you two would be out in the garage elbow deep in a greasy world of nuts, bolts, and drills. He’s the guy who always stood by your side as you shined in the limelight, from your first grand slam in little league to your college graduation.  And no matter where you go or how old you get, he’ll always be the voice in the back of your mind telling you to give this life everything you’ve got, day in and day out.


For all he’s done to make you the man that you are today, your dad definitely deserves a thoughtful gift this time of year. So below we’ve listed a few of our favorite gift ideas that are sure to show your old man how much he means to you.


#1: Books

Whether it’s a book about the history of his favorite team or a book about advanced lawn care, there’s definitely a book out there that your dad will appreciate. If he’s not the type who likes to read, look for the audio version of a book he might enjoy.


#2: A skinny tie

It seems like this generation of fathers simply refuses to get rid of those ridiculous fat ties from the 90s. So this father’s day, give Pops a taste of modern style with a couple of 100 percent cotton skinny ties from Skinny Tie Madness. The great thing about cotton ties is that they’re incredibly easy to care for, way more durable than silk ties, and typically come at fraction of the price you’d pay for silk.


#3: A new wallet

Get your old man up to speed with the digital age and grab him a new wallet. From minimalist wallets with metal plates to smartphone cases that double as a wallet, you just can’t go wrong with giving a new wallet.


#4: Quality time

Bowling, a baseball game, a brewery tour, hiking, or anything else that will get you and your dad out and enjoying the day together. Start planning now!