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Top 5 Trends In Mobile Game Development In 2022

Mobile games comprise the greatest share of AppStore revenue and things aren’t going to change, reports Statista. These numbers indicate that mobile game development is safe route businesses and startups can take to gain high ROI (return of investment).

It goes beyond saying that the competition in the gaming field is severe. As of Q1 of 2021, 477,877 mobile gaming apps were available on Google Play. Not weird why the global mobile game revenue is predicted to reach a whopping $116.4 bn by 2024. 

The competition may feel strong but we know how to help a thriving mobile game development company gain confidence in success. Take a look at the top 5 mobile game development trends that shape the market in 2022 to hook the audience at the very start!

Hyper Casual Games

Hyper Casual games capture the world due to their simplicity and ability to play them while multitasking, reports EEDAR. Other reasons why people adore hyper casual games are that they’re usually free to download, have user-friendly UI, and guaranteed entertainment. Rise Up, Helix Jump, and Fun Race 3D are the most vivid examples of hyper casual masterpieces that are hard to resist playing. 

The development of such kinds of mobile games has become a trend due to the increased time people spend glued to phones during the pandemic. In 2022, hyper casual games won’t lose relevance making programmers turn to this kind of software product. 

Social Interaction Embedded

The gaming industry of today requires investment in social features and the great part is due to the pandemic. People’s urge for human interaction even if it’s virtual makes developers embed such social features as in-game chatting, guilds, social media connection, Player versus player (PvP) model, and co-op modes. 

Gaming communities have always felt strong. We can observe the rising number of games with embedded social interaction into a gaming experience. These are the hangout rooms in Сall of Duty mobile, shows in Robox, and voice chats in Call of Duty.

The need for social interaction tools in mobile games is more than only a trend. Such social elements as a team competition, voice communication, and confrontation enrich and extend the connotation of the game.

AAA Gaming

AAA (or triple-A) games is an informal classification used to categorize top-notch games by major or mid-size publishers. Such games have can brag of excellent graphics, open-world gameplay, and large sales. Not hard to guess that AAA mobile game development cost is skyrocketed.

In 2022, gamers expect to get a PC or console gaming experience on their phones. One of the factors leading to this kind of expectation is the incredible speeds and low latency of 5G. 

Mobile game development of today has to deal with the pressure of creating an involving game and meeting the increased standards. Developers should focus on choosing the right development tech stack to come up with the “appetites” of players. 

Genre-Specific Monetization

Creating a record-breaking game is one thing and making good money out of it is quite another matter. 

Development studios throughout plan their monetization tactics and pick one or a few of them to get maximum profit. The freemium (e.g. a free game with in-game purchases) is the most widely used monetization model which generated about 70-80% of revenue for iOS games alone. 

Nevertheless, subscription-based monetization and rewarding videos models are becoming more and more persuasive. Rewarding videos allow earning revenue from non-payers by offering them watch an advertising video. Subscription plans emphasize the payer’s willingness to receive access to premium features.

In 2022, we suggest turning to a hybrid monetization model. In-app purchases, subscriptions, and in-app ads will allow monetizing different kinds of users. 

Livestreaming Content

More and more games nowadays are being watched, not played. According to Nielsen’s report, 71% of millennials watch gaming video content on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. Livestreaming video content would have a wider audience outreach. It includes live podcasts, streaming the game flow, etc. 


Making users realize that your game-related content can entertain them is an excellent tool to establish long-term connections with your audience. But what is that supposed to mean to the mobile game development industry? Well, such a trend makes programmers rethink the way they create games. Integration with major streaming channels like Twitch should be a pivotal target.

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