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The unrivaled  comfort, ease of use, mobility and monstrous computing power offered nowadays by handheld devices such as smartphone and tablet with full internet capabilities is changing dramatically the landscape of Online Marketing. The numbers are growing fast as big industry players began to recognize the importance and potentials of mobile marketing in Marketing Strategy and mobile social networking as well.

A cascading photos of a Samsung Galaxy S2 model


Samsung Galaxy S2 Model –


Paralleled with explosive sales of these digital devices we are seeing in every major cities of the world and global acceptance by consumers, study shows business planners as well as business analyst  are fully aware as mobile marketing strategy has proven to be an effective way to entice consumers and drive new business. Many marketeers believed that mobile marketing could be the next big driving force  in computing industry.


According to a recent survey conducted by The Pew Research Center’s Internet & Life Project, as many as 84 percent of smartphone owners access the web on a regular basis. From there, they have any number of options – 76 percent send or receive email, 59 percent access a social networking site and 15 percent log in to Twitter. More than half (51 percent) use their phones to gain access to information to an outright content consumption.


JiWire, a mobile media company found on their researched study more than 2,800 U.S. consumers, 53 percent of respondents indicated they would share their location to find local deals and offerings at a touch of their fingertips on their mobile devices. And this report is indeed in sharp contrast a few months ago where both Apple and Google companies were being nose of conducting a location-tracking activities tagged as ‘ Locationgate ‘ scandal an act considered by consumers as an invasion of their privacy. Bringing rich content to consumers is no longer a luxury but already an imperative necessity.

A picture of Galaxy Tab 2 from Samsung Electronics


A Snap Photo of Galaxy Tab 10.1 by Samsung Electronics


Again as proof of mobile marketing rising influence,  on the next Mobile World Congress which will be held some time in February 2012 mobile marketing will be the main highlighted agenda of this event  a strong indication of how important is to the future of the marketing ecosystem. The program dubbed as, “nPowered Brands”, will be an opportunity for professionals to learn about the many facets of mobile marketing from thought leaders in the industry and how the mobile platform can be used to build a company’s brand. Likewise the program could be the launching venue everything from product and service demonstrations to seminars and workshops pertaining to mobile marketing space.


Another visible convincing evidence that mobile is becoming an increasingly attractive marketing tool, business conglomerates have substantially allocating  budgets for its inclusion on its feasibility proposals and possible integration with their present system and about two-third of those companies had already done their homework according to a study conducted by INTERACTIVE  ADVERTISING BUREAU.


On my personal opinion, if you’re keen marketeer observer you’ll be surprise to find out that “Super Affiliates or Internet Gurus ” are already shifting their gear towards mobile marketing by establishing their respective websites on mobile platforms. A strong signal that  marketing campaigns using mobile technology is indeed gaining strong grounds for marketeers to indulge with.


Mobile Marketing Platform – The Quickest and Surest Delivery of Campaign Messages – rock mobile

Mobile Marketing would likely be the trend of 2012. Today’s mobile digital devices both smartphones and tablets offer a smart way for marketers of all business sizes to engage their prospects through mobile marketing. The exodus from desktop PC to handheld devices is continually growing each passing days. Why is that so? Well the answer is simple. Just look at how manufacturers are scrambling to produce smartphones and tablets of varying models and capabilities. The quantities is staggering in numbers. And from it we can deduce the fact that consumers are buying out these products. With millions of mobile devices in use around the globe, the potential to communicate using mobile marketing is awesome and limitless. Especially with the on-set of LTE (4G) technology which offers an even faster speed and outreach than prior models. With this development, the playing field between large corporations and small business owners has somewhat level-up. Marketers can use the viral power of SMS (short text messaging) and MMS (multi-media text messaging). Add-up the video and audio capabilities of these mobile devices.


But what really Mobile Marketing is all about? Mobile Marketing “a set of practices that enables organizations and businesses to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”


And how can Mobile Marketing be beneficial to businesses? Mobile Marketing approach through text messaging for one, offers a fast and timely delivery of exclusive offers, coupons and invites. A very direct, personal and cost-effective channel to communicate and ultimately increased sales.


Is there any downside who decide to use Mobile Marketing strategy? Marketers is provided with the most powerful tool that direct , unfiltered access has to offer. Made possible through the use of text messaging. But Marketers should be respectful of customers’ privacy. Messages should provide great values to the customers. Otherwise, customers can type “STOP” to automatically unsubscribe to your program.


So what’s up this 2012?

an image on how mobile marketing is conducted


Mobile Marketing Connectivity


Smartphones and tablets are no longer confine to tech savvy people nowadays. These communication  gadgets before, are increasingly bec0ming a norm in many form of transactions. Both devices continue to change the landscape for businesses and how people connect with each other, practically everywhere. Recent statistics finding shows 79% of smartphone users use their phones to shop, to find more product info, to locate a retailer and a resource for comparative pricing.


Additionally, 70 percent use their smartphones while in a store, 77 percent have contacted a business via mobile, with 61 percent calling and 59 percent visiting the local business. Let us not forget that these devices enable us to be constantly connected to the Internet. And what does it effects? More and more people are leaning to mobile usage for search queries available to only PC ‘s before.


And what about for Advertising Industry?


Businesses are quick to recognize the potentials of mobile marketing. And this is mostly evident in the advertising verticals. Advertisers would certainly capitalize on its cheap cost in running a campaign. These devices give advertisers additional medium to further expose to an ever wider scope of audiences their products and services. Thus, giving them an ever greater chance of increase sales. And summing up all can produce , “A Success Business Story”.


I hope it gives you some new insight and hope you like my post. Till then…