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Mobile Marketing would likely be the trend of 2012. Today’s mobile digital devices both smartphones and tablets offer a smart way for marketers of all business sizes to engage their prospects through mobile marketing. The exodus from desktop PC to handheld devices is continually growing each passing days. Why is that so? Well the answer is simple.

Just look at how manufacturers are scrambling to produce smartphones and tablets of varying models and capabilities. The quantities is staggering in numbers. And from it we can deduce the fact that consumers are buying out these products.

With millions of mobile devices in use around the globe, the potential to communicate using mobile marketing is awesome and limitless. Especially with the on-set of LTE (4G) technology which offers an even faster speed and outreach than prior models. With this development, the playing field between large corporations and small business owners has somewhat level-up. Marketers can use the viral power of SMS (short text messaging) and MMS (multi-media text messaging). Add-up the video and audio capabilities of these mobile devices.


But what really Mobile Marketing is all about? Mobile Marketing “a set of practices that enables organizations and businesses to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”


And how can Mobile Marketing be beneficial to businesses? Mobile Marketing approach through text messaging for one, offers a fast and timely delivery of exclusive offers, coupons and invites. A very direct, personal and cost-effective channel to communicate and ultimately increased sales.


Is there any downside who decide to use Mobile Marketing strategy? Marketers is provided with the most powerful tool that direct , unfiltered access has to offer. Made possible through the use of text messaging. But Marketers should be respectful of customers’ privacy. Messages should provide great values to the customers. Otherwise, customers can type “STOP” to automatically unsubscribe to your program.


So what’s up this 2012?

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Mobile Marketing Connectivity


Smartphones and tablets are no longer confine to tech savvy people nowadays. These communication  gadgets before, are increasingly bec0ming a norm in many form of transactions. Both devices continue to change the landscape for businesses and how people connect with each other, practically everywhere. Recent statistics finding shows 79% of smartphone users use their phones to shop, to find more product info, to locate a retailer and a resource for comparative pricing.


Additionally, 70 percent use their smartphones while in a store, 77 percent have contacted a business via mobile, with 61 percent calling and 59 percent visiting the local business. Let us not forget that these devices enable us to be constantly connected to the Internet. And what does it effects? More and more people are leaning to mobile usage for search queries available to only PC ‘s before.


And what about for Advertising Industry?


Businesses are quick to recognize the potentials of mobile marketing. And this is mostly evident in the advertising verticals. Advertisers would certainly capitalize on its cheap cost in running a campaign. These devices give advertisers additional medium to further expose to an ever wider scope of audiences their products and services. Thus, giving them an ever greater chance of increase sales. And summing up all can produce , “A Success Business Story”.


I hope it gives you some new insight and hope you like my post. Till then…


Mobile Internet Marketing A New Door of Opportunities for Marketers – ge mobile water

Mobile Internet Marketing isn’t just an option now. But rather a must for a serious marketer. A new but powerful venue in administering blogs and promotional activities. With an ever continuing number of users this medium could become the most dominant arena for all marketers. Perhaps, this is the reason why gurus are shifting their presence in mobile devices. Mobile internet marketing gives yet another way to obtain far more reach for businesses of all sizes. If you want to ensure success, You need NOW to invest time and efforts in learning about mobile internet marketing. Set both short and long term goals. Draw-up guidelines that will help position your business ahead of the pack and possibly stands out above the rest.

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Mobile Marketing


Make sure that your business venture includes a presence on interpersonal media sites. And includes links to them on your own business venture web site. Social media networks have their very own mobile versions of their websites in sync to mobile devices applications.Your company can harness the power of this networks to establish your mobile internet presence. And readily connect with your targeted consumers.


When building a mobile marketing campaign, you’re require to make sure that you know your market initially and foremost. If you cannot identify and correctly cater to your intended market, your campaign is going to ultimately fall flat. And nothing can save it. Figure out your industry and know it well.


As an internet marketer typically, you need to utilize all available tools of opportunity. Eventhough mobile internet marketing is still in its infancy stage its impact is undeniable. Smarphone apps had blossom and ballooned to millions in numbers. A very clear indicator that mobile internet marketing is now indeed the fastest growing segment in online business. So building your business on top of this on-going development will definitely give your company a first hand advantage over your competitors.


Maintain track of the customer’s buying habits, and make use of people outcomes. Personalize your messages to a customer according to their actual habits. Social personal approaches can develop trust. And in this way can help boost  the level of awareness to your brand. If you spend some time to produce an individual feel essential, they will reciprocate your act and return the favor by perhaps becoming your consumer.


Focus on relevance and timeliness when planning your mobile marketing campaign. Messages received on this format need to be brief bursts of facts which can be quickly applied. By way of example, rather than messaging about a sale scheduled weeks in advance, send a reminder shortly just before opening hours or give info not previously readily available like a change in speaker.


Now you have a much better understanding how to go about being competitive with mobile internet marketing promotion. All things left now is your strategic implementation. Learning a new concept and applying it to reap optimal result is a never ending challenge for all marketers. Keep up on educating yourself. Apply all what you learned. And never hesitate to experiment. And before you know it.  Success is just sitting around the corner waiting for you.


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