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Google Incorporation created Android technology and yet Microsoft gets profit? How does it happen? Redmond company maker of “Windows Family of Operating System”, is being rumored as cashing-in huge profit out of Android. The twist and turn of the story is rather vague and peculiar. Please don’t immediately jump into conclusion that Microsoft is doing something fishy. Otherwise, the search engine giant would certainly bring this matter to court.


This has something to do with licensing patent issues. As if Google inadvertently incorporated Microsoft’s IP into their Android OS without properly paying  the Redmond company for it. Thus give Microsoft rights to charge royalties from other big corporations using Android in their platforms.


Out of this supposedly related patent issues, according to a Goldman Sachs‘ as reported by Business Insider Microsoft will be raking up to $444-million in revenue from its Android patent portfolio deals for fiscal year 2012(started in July 1, 2011, ends June 30, 2012). A roughly $3 – $6 per Android device. Estimate shows a whooping $75 billion revenue for Microsoft this coming fiscal season.


As I stated above a rather peculiar situation is now looming. Google is buying Motorola Mobility for its mobile patents and Microsoft resorted to legal measures against Motorola for refusal to pay intellectual property rights.Will Google too, be oblige to pay Microsoft when Motorola’s acquisition succeeds?


Big corporate names that already signed with Microsoft for patent-licensing deal are Casio,Acer, General Dynamics Itronix, Onkyo, Velocity Micro, ViewSonic and Wistron. And the latest signatory to a cross-license contract which was signed only September 28 is Samsung Electonics for undisclosed amount of royalty payments for also some undisclosed number of patents.


But some segment of the tech industry denounce this Microsoft’s bullying tactics. Barnes & Noble together with Foxconn and Inventec are still refusing to sign a similar patent agreement that would cover its Android-based Nook reader.


As far as I am concern this legal issues are already being heard on court and to make any personal offending comments on any party is simply unjustified. Let us just leave it to the proper forum to give the final verdict on the issue.


Android, Android its Everywhere – chillicothe telephone


To some of us unmindful of technical terms that evolves nowadays in our day to day living, ” What the heck is Android anyway? ” Well if you’re using a mobile smartphone or a tablet there’s a great chance it’s being run by Android.  Android is a solution stack for handheld or mobile devices which as one part of it is an operating system. The other component are web server, database and a programming language.  In layman’s term its just like a manager that directs the overall functions of our digital devices.

devices using android


Some Devices Using Android


But why deserve a post ?


Android an open-source system  is the fastest growing platform for mobile devices today. Giant manufacturers of handset digital products like LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola,  et al as well as  Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT& T, airwaves carriers,  are all scampering to join the bandwagon to integrate Android into their system. On top of this Google Inc., open up an Android Market designed to make life easier for users in searching for great applications to compliment their needs and preferences using the Net. For developers it certainly open a venue for them for more opportunities to showcase their products and be sold out … With staggering figure of more than  4.5 billion applications installed to over 300 Android devices and still counting the opportunity is just endless.


The latest release version is Android v3.2  which bring 0ut new  capabilities  both for users and developers alike. To cap some of its features:


Here are some:


Optimizations for a wider range of tablets. A variety of refinements across the system ensure a great user experience on a wider range of tablet devices.


Compatibility zoom for fixed-sized apps. A new compatibility display mode gives users a new way to view these apps on larger devices. The mode provides a pixel-scaled alternative to the standard UI stretching, for apps that are not designed to run on larger screen sizes.


Media sync from SD card. On devices that support a removable SD card, users can now load media files directly from the SD card to apps that use them.


Extended screen support API. For developers who want more precise control over their UI across the range of Android-powered devices, the platform’s screen support API is extended with new resource qualifiers and manifest attributes, to also allow targeting screens by their dimensions.

Comparison Regarding Apple iphones In addition to Android OS Centric Intelligent Devices – chillicothe telephone

Apple inc carries a requesting cause over everything various other cell phone towers using 230, 000 as well as depending from the Software Save. Although Google’s Android mobile phone software at this moment boasts 80, 000. There could be a positive change regarding the 2, yet it’s actually not experienced in all of the classes. Throughout 10 that is critical software types, new iphone 4 in addition to Google android fight it out this away.

a picture showing an iPhone5


Looks of an iPhone5


Remarkably, it is not an overall rout, definitely not upon possibly part. Just about every program gets a honest promote with wins. Your iPhone’s massive practical application add up would not help in most predicaments. In fact, Apple company company only bequeathed multitasking for you to it is progression online community, anything developers are working together with upon Mobile for a few many years. As well, apple iphones do not work widgets – a strong ext of iphone app this looks while on an Mobile phone’s household computer screen. In relation to new music as well as social networks, widgets signify a big benefit.

However Android mobile phone goes through inside alternative methods. For the reason that OS IN THIS HANDSET is usually without restraint offered to any individual exactly who forms electronics, companies offer Mobile mobile phones having various display screen shapes as well as processor chip rates of speed. This kind of would make activity graphic designers especially somewhat twitchy, in particular given that they realize that a brand new apple iphone will still only show up every year, establishing a brand new top-bar regular while it can do.

an image photo of Samsung Galaxy Nexus


An Image Photo of Samsung Galaxy Nexus running an Android 4.0


An additional designer worry is an overpowering wide variety of cost-free applications with Google’s disorganized Operating system Marketplace. While using cellular blog administering agency Distino, absolutely free downloading take into account approximately 50 percent this applications, as well as wonderful versions of Search engines alone. For anyone who is looking to tell individuals to spend true dollars to your software, it truly is far better display merchandise inside iphone 3gs Software Retail store, exactly where giveaways simply be the reason for simply on the fraction involving shown programs.

Activities The actual apple iphone incorporates a massive steer listed here, and a lot sport coders seems to be clinging rear through investing in Operating system in the mean time. The largest exemption is definitely Gameloft, containing undoubtedly printed excellent collection involving Android mobile phone video game titles such as platformer “Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Stories, inches as well as first-person player with the dice “NOVA. inches Ironically, Gameloft stated previous slip not wearing running shoes appeared to be climbing rear about Mobile progression, nevertheless won’t market programs via Google’s embarrassingly topsy-turvy Android mobile phone Market place, looking to promote by means of a web page preferably. Even though there are various relaxed online games intended for Android mobile phone, you will find no place close to the impetus connected with iphone 3gs, by using marquee post titles similar to “Sims, inches “Mass Effect” plus “Plants or. Zombies” (on proper) previously remaining down loaded from the plenty.

Even though a person imagines in which Android’s mind-blowing advancement this holiday season could inspire recreation coders, there is certainly primarily simply plenty of hazy positive outlook. “We tend not to battle in order to something, inch reported Garth Chouteau, a new spokesman with regard to PopCap, which usually writes “Plants versus. Zombies, inch “Bejeweled” and also other well-known mobile phone activities.

“We work for activities intended for Android mobile phone, establishing a few of your most favored activities. Nonetheless most people haven’t much declared which will online games or even once they will probably deliver. inch Successful: apple iphone Market | AdChoices Social networks Perceptive reviewers took this iphone 3gs so that you can activity intended for never as a pretty welcoming web 2 . 0 program.