Platinum Gadget is a Link 2 Lite machine with 1,600 attacks and left and right arrows. For Link-2, the AT is good, the lighting is good, the machine is also good, and the arrows are also good. The requirement is for any two robot animals. In addition to gold and silver gadgets, it is not difficult to use many other things.

The Platinum gadget is a link pager, and you cannot use it as link material, which is a balance restriction that many other links should have. In the main stage, you can request to use the card machine 4 or move it from your hand to the part indicated by the card.

A good way to enhance the effect of machine combos, I’m sure there are many combos that can do this, including gold and silver tools that can immediately rank 4. This involves summoning another monster, or summoning an ABC segment for Dragon Buster.

Platinum gadgets also require the use of level 4 gadgets (for some reason Morphtronics has other tool monsters) to destroy the deck, which can compensate for the loss of platinum gadgets and red, green and yellow. Make it more useful when getting gold and silver in 2019. Each effect of this card will harden every second according to the actual situation, but the machine composed of level 4 monsters is very suitable for combos, so it reaches your level 4 or ABC Dragon Buster. ل One or two is very good.

New High Tech Products

These products must be very complicated. They have amazing details and are also made of high-quality materials. These are some current high-tech products that will be developed in the future. Take a look at this.

1. Hover board / flying skateboard

In the past, high-tech products were called hoverboards or flying skateboards. The product is now on sale, although some people say it is part of future technology. The device can automatically balance and move your body, which is why it is also called a self-balancing scooter.

2. Work autonomously

You can say that this product is a real human being, an amazing innovation of human beings. This exceeded your expectations. An autonomous vehicle is a vehicle that can load and transport passengers without a driver. Just sit back and enjoy the view.

3. Smartphone hologram

Holograms are techniques that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, business, education or entertainment. With holographic technology, you can see objects in deep holograms without looking carefully. It usually appears in some movies.

4. Smart shoes

The latest technology in the future is smart shoes. The program can track a user from walking, running to climbing motion. These smart shoes will send information to smart phones in the future. For example, distance traveled, speed and calories burned.

5. Space tourism

The space industry always attracts you and many people there. The future of space technology has also seen tremendous growth in the latest technological developments. It will bring people a new experience.

High-tech products are always amazing and bring new things. This may seem unrealistic, but most technologies have been successfully developed. Since it is used as the latest and most advanced technology, the company will only use the best materials.

Best Tech Gadgets for Men

Men’s ThinKopic USB Laptop Bag

Dear Kopak customer households Note: Our brand is Kopak. Because the batch order is too old. So maybe they have some products with other logos. Please make sure you place your order in the Kopek store. Then you will find the right product. The gray and black Kopak laptop bag fits laptops with screens up to 15.6 -inches to stay organized.

Luxury business gift set

The theme is a useful solution, so each of your accessories can look luxurious and harmonious in color. With one of these devices, you will not be ashamed of showing up in public.

Power Bank – Lightweight and stylish high-quality 10,000 mAh battery, which can be quickly charged through 2.1 and 1.0 A ports, and has a smooth metallic gold surface. With a USB charging wireless mouse, you will no longer need a new battery or long cable USB -Super Speed 3.0 + OTG USB with 32GB of memory. For touch screen E ELEGANT PEN. Solid stainless metal material

  • Universal socket, Kasinki Pro universal socket tool
  • Small and durable, it is the perfect complement to your toolbox.
  • Polished chrome is formed inside 58 high hardness electrodes.
  • 7 mm ( 1/4 inch), and automatically adjust to fit most fasteners between 19 mm ( 3/4 inch).

Disassemble and assemble various screws, hooks, bolts, bolt heads, etc. quickly and easily.