How Can QR Codes Be Used To Upgrade Your Invitation Card Design And Layout?

qr code invitation

Attractive invitation card layouts should catch the recipient’s eye, and QR codes will go over and far from what is usually anticipated. As an outcome of the QR code modernity, QR code invitation are becoming more presentable and eye-catching.

A recipient may read the displayed information with a QR code with just a single scan of a QR code using their smartphone’s camera. Invitation cards are essential items to include when preparing a celebration.

Today, each event invitation card should include an Event QR Code, primarily if it will be issued via mass mailings.

For example, when your wedding attendees receive their invitations, they can scan the QR code to view the event information and confirm their attendance.

There may be a lot of furious planning for the big day. Still, it would be better for couples who choose to use a QR code generator software online to integrate pre-wedding photographs or footage into a QR code and insert them in their invitation cards.

Modernizing Invites with QR code invitation

Using QR code invitation for your occasion in a contactless manner is an excellent way of informing and thrilling your audience or guests. Not only is the idea unique, but it also facilitates the transmission of outstanding information, even on a single piece of paper like a stub, which your audience will value.

You may create a digital invite in just a few minutes and send it to friends and family. Give real-time information and track those that have opened and responded to your invitation. Digital invitations are also more eco-friendly, as they save both material use and the environment from waste used in making custom invitation cards.

Digital invitations are not only more convenient for the sender and the recipient, but they are also more environmentally friendly. Going paperless is a beautiful way to lessen the environmental effect of your event.

When you think about how many gatherings our families plan each year, sending out a large number of invitations for each occasion can rapidly add up.

What Form Of QR code invitation Should You Use To Upgrade Your Invitation Card Layouts?

Creating a digitalized copy that breaks down the flow of your wedding’s activities is one way for invitation makers can integrate to turn their invitations into a QR code invitation. From that point, they convert it to a PDF QR code and include it with the invitation slip.

A PDF QR code is the ideal alternative to make the environment-friendly invitation possible. You can also scan the PDF file and save it as an image. In this way, you can place an image QR code and put them in your invitation stub.

Other ways include using H5 page integration software in the QR code invitation maker, where you can create a customized landing page of your event invitation, minus the need to register or subscribe to a website hosting platform.

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How to make an invitation card QR code invitation?

  1. Create an account with a QR code generator with logo website.
  2. On the menu, select the “File” option.
  3. Add your digital invitation card file 
  4. Create your QR code by clicking the “generate QR code” button.
  5. Configure your invitation card QR code look
  6. Scan test your QR code to see if it works
  7. Save your QR code and place it in your physical or digital invitation slip


Using a QR code in any context is especially useful for people trying to save space with the content they are using. It will direct attendees to multimedia content about your event that a simple piece of paper cannot deliver. Without QR code invitation, flyers or invitations could only store a limited amount of information.

And, because print media has a small amount of information, QR code invitation are always available to help upgrade one’s static invitation card layout display by giving a dynamic aspect to it.