More than a third of the world’s fortune is tied up in real estate. Real estate is security for mortgages and a large proportion of financial assets. In the USA, there are over seven million persons holding occupations directly connected to real estate operations or management.

These contain actions such as title insurance, construction, mortgage banking, property management, appraisals, brokerage and leasing, and real estate development. It does not contain persons implicated in real estate related lending in commercial banks, savings and loans, and insurance companies.

Real estate professionals are related in an especially direct way to the progress of our society they make decisions that will shape the way we live for decades, if not centuries.

A career in the active field of real estate will offer fulfilling opportunities to make bigger your abilities and increase your experience.


Essential Skills

  1. People skills: High
  2. Sales skills: Very High
  3. Communication skills: High
  4. Analytical skills: Medium
  5. Ability to synthesize: Low
  6. Creative ability: Medium
  7. Initiative: High
  8. Work hours: 20-70/week

Real Estate Salaries

The Working Relationship of Salaries and Jobs

People work jobs to earn salaries. This is as plain a fact is going to get. No matter how seemingly fun or rewarding a job is, people will still be reluctant to do it without any form of salary. The salary acts as the bind between the employer and the employee. The employer pays an agreed upon salary to compensate the employee for the work and time being rendered. Salaries come with jobs but not all of them are equal.

Certain jobs are capable of being done by only a select group of people and as such its salary is higher to attract those limited candidates. Salaries also depend on the market. If there is an abundance of a certain job on the market then the salary may be uniform or it can vary. This is because certain companies will pay higher salaries than the market average for a certain job so that they can bring in the better candidates. Real estate jobs in particular, present salaries that vary greatly from one place to another.

A Variety of Real Estate Salaries

The realtor job salary is often varied from one to the next. This is because the field itself is very competitive. The market adjusts to the competition that exists within it. If a market is particularly crowded then the realtor salary will have a tendency to be lower. If a certain market features only a few capable real estate agents than their salaries may come out higher than their counterparts. The market is always the determinant of money and the same is certainly true with real estate.

Realtor salaries may also change depending on the commissions that people earn. A more skilled agent can bring in a better monthly income solely thanks to skill. This is the reality with most job markets. A worker that is ahead of the competition will always bring in more money and this principle still applies to real estate.

Figuring out the Competitiveness of Real Estate Salaries

It’s a fact that salaries can vary even among workers in the same field. Figuring out how different it can be is another issue. There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to figuring out whether a salary is competitive with the rest of the market. These variables can change quite quickly and that makes it even more important to stay on top of them to ensure that the compensation you receive is only fair. Fortunately, there is a tool known as the salary calculator.

A Useful Tool for Fairness

This handy tool enables realtors to determine just how competitive their salary actually is. This gives them a better insight into their industry and it may even provide them with the ammunition they need to ask for a raise.

Real estate salary comparison levels the market. It gives every realtor an equal opportunity to make the most money possible. Real estate jobs may differ from one place to the next but armed with the right knowledge, you can ensure that the money you’re bringing in is what you’re entitled to.

Real Estate Job Outlook
This profession is relatively simple to enter and is gorgeous because of its flexible working conditions; the high interest in, and familiarity with, local real estate markets that entrants frequently have; and the prospective for high earnings.

Consequently, although gaining a job as a real estate agent or broker may be reasonably uncomplicated, beginning agents and brokers face rivalry from their well-established, more qualified counterparts in obtaining listings and in closing a tolerable amount of sales.