Anywhere you look in Singapore, you’re sure to see someone holding a mobile device. People use their devices more than just to communicate. Currently, various digital services providers in Singapore are clamoring to provide the best plans to their clients.

There are now options to have a sim-only minus the contract for those who wish to save more. But there are also the ever-reliable unlimited data plans. Nowadays, information can travel at lightning speed and you would always want to be in the know.

We will be discussing some of the best-unlimited data plans that will always keep you connected wherever you go.

The Best Unlimited Data Providers in Singapore


As one of the leading telecommunication companies in Singapore, Singtel also leads as the provider of unlimited data. At $39.90, you can add Singtel’s DATA X INFINITY to your Combo 3 plan which costs $72.90 a month. This unlimited data plan will last for 2-years based on a contract you will be signing with them. What’s more, is that they are giving you the option to get handset subsidies with your plan.

StarHub’s Worry-Free 50 GB Data

Consumers are looking for a telecommunications company that will provide them with the best offers, and one of them is StarHub. Who wouldn’t want to have a worry-free experience especially when it comes to their data connection? StarHub is providing its consumers an option to add 50GB of worry-free data to their SIM-only plan. Their SIM will cost you $25 and their add-on of worry-free data will just be another $20 per month. More than that, they are offering a $5 for a caller ID option.

My Republic’s Unlimited Data

Imagine having 4GB worth of data every day with unlimited data for only $39 for a month. That is the offer of My Republic to its data consumers. They are even offering a free caller ID with a total of 450 minutes four outgoing calls and another 450 minutes for incoming calls. My Republic’s offerings don’t end there, for they are also offering their clients free SMS totaling 450.

M1’s Sim-only Plan

In the year 2016, there had been a huge change in the landscape of the telecommunication company of Singapore. Consumers had more options to choose from that are both cheap and reliable. Compared to the other leading telecommunications company, M1 had created an option for their clients to get a sim-only plan. This digital services provider in Singapore is now one of the best customization options it provides for its clients.

The Best Unlimited Data Providers in Singapore

As opposed to other telcos, M1 does not ask their clients to sign any contract which allows them to choose any plan that would serve their best interest. M1 is offering their unlimited data plan that comes with a total of 100 minutes of calls. Their unlimited data plan will cost you $105.95. You will definitely be able to get your money’s worth because M1 will never have any data throttling that may slow down your internet experience. This is especially valuable for those who are using their data for business.

The world now is more connected than ever and it is vital that you choose the best data service provider Singapore can offer.