There has never been a better time than to start your new career working for yourself, and if you require qualifications in order to start your new business or career, then there are plenty of options available to you in the form of online learning as well as on-campus tutoring.


Virtual assistant

Setting yourself up as a virtual assistant is easy, especially if you have typing and office-based skills. A virtual assistant plays the role of a normal assistant. Only they are not based within the office of the company that they work for and are not necessarily tied to just one business. Many virtual assistants are paid by multiple businesses that they work for when fulfilling the role of a virtual assistant, so you will have to be well organized to be successful in this career.

Delivery driver

Setting yourself up as a delivery driver can be just as simple, especially if you have a vehicle and a clean driving license. You may very well have to get additional insurance to cover the packages that you will be delivering and to the point that you will be using your vehicle far more and for business purposes. However, gaining shipping work is not going to be a problem either. Some businesses offer shipping jobs on their websites so that you can pick and choose what shipping work is suitable for you and your vehicle as well as your location. On these sites, it is fully explained how to go about bidding on the work available and how to go about carrying out the work through to completion.

Wedding planner

If you are a well-organized person and love to be in the thick of it, helping others enjoy what is potentially the best day of their lives, then perhaps trying your hand at wedding planning is the way in which you would want to go. You will have to take all the stress out of the magical day for the happy couple and make sure that everything happens like clockwork and on budget so that nothing is missed out or off of the all-important list.

Buying and selling online

There is a very profitable business model for buying and selling online on sites such as eBay as well as on social media platforms. Whether you choose to sell new items or pre-loved ones is entirely up to you, but you will have to carry out plenty of research into which items sell and for how much in order to make sure that you can make a good living out of it preferably before you invest too heavily in stock.

Mobile hairdresser

If you have the qualifications, you could set yourself up as a mobile hairdresser, though if you do not have any hairdressing qualifications, they can be attained quite easily by attending a state-approved cosmetology school. Rather than having your own hairdressing salon, which can be expensive to run, choose to go mobile which means that you will travel to your client’s locations to do their hair rather than them coming to you.