Top 4 Simple Tips to Expand the Longevity of Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are one of the most essential things of daily life and humans have been building fire pits for centuries. Even though the rudimental concept of fire pits was a simple as just digging holes into the ground, they were still very important for human life as the fore pits helped them to cook meat and stay warm during the freezing winter days.

Nowadays, people use fire pits for various reasons. AHFA or American Home Furnishings Alliance conducted a survey and stated that fire pits are the 2nd most important and popular outdoor furnishing amongst Americans. Although the first popular outdoor furnishing is chairs, most Americans don’t leave their backyard without adding a fire pit.

If you think you need to purchase a fire pit, remember that your fire pit will need maintenance so that it can function properly. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips that will increase the longevity of your fire pits.

Choose a High-Quality Fire Pit and Fire Pit Cover

This is the first step of assuring the durability and longevity of your fire pits. Just like any other furnishings, if you don’t choose premium quality materials, the furniture would be damaged within a couple of years. So, make sure you choose a fire pit that is crafted from high-quality materials.

Apart from choosing the materials, you should purchase a fire pit cover to increase the lifespan of your fire pit. The cover will protect your fire pit from dust particles or harsh weather. Additionally, a premium fire pit cover will also keep the materials safe.

Do Not Use Lighter Fluid

This is probably the most important tip you should keep in mind to extend the lifespan of your fire pits. While lighting your fire pit, you should use dry woods as they burn easily. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about fire extinguishing. However, you should not use lighter fluid. Apart from posing a threat to your body and property, lighter fluid might also damage the finishing of your fire pit. As per Ecocharcoal, lighter fluid can trigger photochemical smog. Even though the fire pits won’t show any visible damages if you use lighter fluid once or twice, but it’s better to play from the safe side.

Clean the Grate 

Just like most people, if you use your fire pits for cooking purposes, you need to clan the grate before and after your cooking process. In this case, you should use a wire grill brush as it’s the best accessory for cleaning the grate. With the wire brush, you can scrub the grate of your fire pits to remove any debris. Failure to cleaning will allow the debris to harden on the grate.

Additionally, make sure you apply cooking oil all over the grate before adding your food. A thin layer of oil will safeguard your fire pit from any corrosion and rust.

Top 4 Simple Tips to Expand the Longevity of Your Fire Pit

Make Sure the Fire Extinguish Naturally

Many people extinguish the fire on the fire pit by dousing it with water. However, you should not do this as it will increase the chances of severe risk. Unless you’re facing some critical situation and you need to extinguish the fire as soon as you can, you should wait until the fire can extinguish naturally. If you douse a hot burning fire with water, it will result in a sudden temperature change that will ultimately weaken the structural integrity of the fire pit.


These are the top 4 simple tips you need to remember to increase the lifespan of your fire pits. Follow these tips and you can easily maintain your fire pit. If you have questions regarding the fire pit, contact us and we’ll help.