Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation acts as a safety net when you get injured at your workplace. Your employer buys the insurance and compensates you when you get injured during your employment. However, not all types of injuries are covered under workers’ comp. 

Understanding which injuries are not covered is essential not to get your hopes high. Moreover, filing a claim without knowing whether you are eligible or not is not a smart move. Lawyers from Washington state l&i can help you understand the eligibility criteria and rights. 

Types of injuries not covered under workers’ comp 

  • Injuries acquired while commuting to and from work. 

You may think you are eligible for compensation since you were traveling for work purposes, but that is not so. Workers’ comp is not responsible for looking after the injuries during the commute. However, you might be covered if you do not have a fixed worksite, drive a company vehicle, or are traveling to run an errand. 

  • Injuries acquired from intoxication in the workplace. 

All workplaces have strict policies about being intoxicated on duty. If you were drunk or high at your workplace despite being banned by your employer, you would not receive benefits. For one thing, you broke the laws of employment. Secondly, you acted negligently by putting yourself at risk. If your intoxication is the sole cause of the injury, you won’t get compensated. 

  • Injuries were acquired during lunch break. 

Injuries acquired while you were on your lunch break are not covered by workers’ compensation. For example, if you leave your workplace to go to have lunch and you get in an accident on the way there, you are responsible for your injuries. 

However, you may have a claim if you were injured while running an errand for your employer during your lunch. For example, if your boss asked you to pick up a sandwich for them and you get injured on your way to the sandwich shop, you might be able to file a claim. 

  • Injuries were acquired due to fights and jokes. 

You will not be compensated if you get injured because of getting into a fight that you started or because of a prank/joke. This is because you acted negligently and are responsible for your injuries. However, if the fight was work-related, then it may be compensated. 

For example, if your colleague was doing a task wrong and they hit you for trying to stop them, you might have a claim.