Many US states allow the use of marijuana, and you will find many pot stores selling marijuana. Marijuana is also called weed, pot, herb, and several other slang terms. It is because people like to smoke marijuana to get high.

If you want to know more about marijuana, you should read marijuana news today, giving important information about marijuana and its types.

What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana refers to a psychoactive drug found in the cannabis plant. Most people take marijuana for its intoxicating effects. The intoxicating effects are due to the chemical compound “delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)” found in resin produced by buds and leaves of the cannabis plant.

The cannabis plant contains more than 500 chemicals, and around 100 compounds are known as cannabinoids which are chemically related to THC.

Now that you know what marijuana is, let’s learn about different types of marijuana.

Types of Weed

The two major types of marijuana come from two different species of Cannabis plants: Cannabis sativa and Cannabis Indica. The marijuana from different species of the cannabis plant has different effects on the person and the high it will give.

As per a report in the marijuana news today, a third strain, Cannabis ruderalis, is also used to make weed. It is mainly used for medicinal purposes as it contains lower amounts of THC. You can also find hybrid strains achieved by mixing strains of two major cannabis species.

People generally select a type of weed based on the effects they want to have. While every marijuana strain provides a different effect, your personal experience after taking a particular marijuana strain can be different from what your friend experiences after smoking the same marijuana strain.

Benefits of Marijuana

Many people relate marijuana to its high effectiveness. However, very few people know cannabis also offers several health benefits.

Relief From Chronic Pain

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of cannabis compounds in the cannabis plant, and many of these compounds are linked to providing relief from chronic pain.

Improves lung capacity

Unlike cigarettes that damage your lungs, smoking marijuana doesn’t harm your lungs. A clinical study has found that cannabis helps improve the lungs’ capacity.

Help Lose Weight

If you look at marijuana users, you will find an average cannabis user is not overweight. Experts mention cannabis is linked to managing caloric intake and helping the body regulate insulin.

Regulate and Prevent Diabetes

As mentioned earlier, cannabis helps the body regulate insulin, which helps regulate and prevent diabetes. In addition, an American Alliance for Medical Cannabis research has linked cannabis to improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and stabilizing blood sugars.

Fight Cancer

One of the biggest benefits of using marijuana is it helps fight cancer. There is ample evidence that cannabis helps fight certain types of cancer.

Helps Treat Depression

Depression is a common ailment in modern life, and many people suffer from depression due to fast life and hectic schedules. The endocannabinoids compounds in marijuana help stabilize mood that helps treat depression. Therefore, many users smoke marijuana to get relief from stress and refresh their minds and body.

To sum up, marijuana is no longer a taboo in society, and a lot of positive information about marijuana is presented in new journals. Now that you have adequate information on marijuana, you can use it safely to get relief from daily stress.