United Commercial Bank is a community bank that provides customized services and products for small and medium enterprises. Commercial banking solutions include business identity verification, business savings, trading currency markets, accumulated business certificates and business checking accounts. Submit the account registration certificate and insurance cash survey service.

Baycom Corp is the bank holding company of United Commercial Bank. By providing full-service subsidiaries and loans to students companies, business owners and individuals to provide a wide range of financial services for the production office. It provides traditional business, personal and commercial banking products and services.

Most branches are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Washington, and central New Mexico. Its products and services include business certification, business savings, personal certification, personal savings, business loans and business loans, cash management, personal and business services.

Business Online Banking

With new online banking options and features, we have simplified commercial banking through North America Banking Corporation. We look forward to providing many online tools and services with you anytime, anywhere.

Online and mobile banking

You can now manage your funds 24 hours a day. Use our new online banking and mobile applications, you can quickly and easily keep track of all bank accounts households, quick access to balance information, financial management and so on.

All online banking options require online registration. After registration, you can enjoy unparalleled convenience from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Online Bank

Is designed to help you manage your bank fund powerful tool can check check balances, transfer, bill payment and so on.

Mobile bank

All online banking conveniences at your fingertips. With Apple and Android versions, you can stay in touch no matter where you live. Internet connection is required, and regular operator fees are required.

Wire transfer

Bank transfer is the fastest and easiest way to safely transfer funds worldwide. Bank transfer provides one-day remittance, which means you can make a purchase. Keep it longer and pay when needed. Set up regular or one-off payments via the “Cash Management ” link in online banking.

ACH service

Use your company payroll, vendor payments and customer electronic processing household transfers, in order to reduce the costs associated with check processing and payment withholding. Through the cash management link in the online bank, ACH files can be generated safely.

Personal Online Banking

When was the last time you visited a bank branch? Your account household in lower interest rates and higher costs partly due to the need to pay rent to stay in the building and the cashier behind these windows.

If you don’t use these services, why pay? You should consider opening online accounts for households. Internet banking is becoming increasingly popular, because it can help you manage your money, but also provides another convenient.

There are three access online bank accounts method households (to improve Intuit popularity): by Intuit Quicken or in the Microsoft Money, Bank of proprietary software or banking site personal finance package like. If you already use Quicken or Microsoft Money, you may want to use this program for banking, but if you don’t, it’s best to use the bank’s website.

There are two types of online banking: traditional banks that also provide online banking services and online banking only. Below, we consider the pros and cons of each method.

Most people have financial difficulties. They sign contracts with banks, pay bills, borrow money, buy insurance, and save and invest. Each account household has its own ID number, password or the PIN. It can be difficult to manage all these activities in a coordinated manner.

A new generation of online services is trying to provide solutions for this complexity. These services are called “account family pool “, they help manage a large number of financial accounts from a central location household.