Technologies USA, Inc. provides technology-based solutions and increases the value of services to facilitate electronic payment transactions. It provides Iot and machine-to-machine services, including the ability to monitor, control, and report the results of distributed assets (including electronic payment solutions).

Through this agreement, USAT will connect 100 % of M & M sales, self-service and single-server coffee to fast-growing small market sites that are not yet connected to USAT ’s e-port Connect service..

The service provides the most advanced cashless and telemetry services that can track NPort ‘s cash, credit / debit card and mobile wallet payment approvals (such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay ) through EPort Connect’s cashless payment system. Yes.

The two companies believe that achieving the goal of 100 interconnected machine bases will place M & M clearly ahead of its competitors, which is yet another example of a forward-thinking business philosophy that has been successful in the past 40 years.

Further, as part of the agreement, M & M can be added USAT unique added. Customer user loyalty and engagement program designed by aggressive marketing, awareness and to encourage rewards, reward, and retain customer households.

USA Technologies Programs

USAT prepaid and loyalty program. Through new USAT prepaid and loyalty programs, business owners can choose to provide alternative payment functionality directly with the customer to contact households, affecting the purchase and use of equipment in line before you buy is. From the award-off when purchasing households take advantage of these features are designed to drive sales, customer sites and share purchase cash-back rewards, deals, promotions and product information and other functions. Consumers can also choose to participate in customized brand upgrade options.

USAT mobile marketing applications enable operators to sell enough to enhance the user experience, especially for a generation of smartphones based on today’s growing. The mobile application uses Verizon wireless technology and is designed to integrate with USAT’s prepaid and membership programs. The mobile application allows users to see how their points are accumulated, the loyalty points to a friend and find they like vending machines.

USAT mobile payment and loyalty program and “fifth free sale” promotion. Following the successful ISIS pilots in Salt Lake City and Austin, USAT is expanding its loyalty program. In the “fifth battery-free” promotion announced by USAT and ISIS, consumers have the right to receive free products from sales operators based on their loyalty rewards obtained through Isis Mobile Wallet. Pay at qualified stations.

Can the USAT mobile payment and loyalty program connect USAT advertisements to more than 100,000 contactless non-cash payment terminals through Ice Smart Tap? Mobile commerce technology, accept and redeem rewards.

USA Technologies Online Store

USA Technologies provides on the US and international wireless networks, cashless transactions, capital capacity monitoring and other value-added services. These are systems and solutions covering electronic payment options as well as telemetry and machine-to-machine design and market.

USA Technologies is a leader in cashless wireless transaction networks, financial / network services and energy management. USA Technologies provides online credit cards and other cashless systems in the retail, commercial, hotel and digital photography industries. The other members of the company have reached agreements with AT & T, Honeywell, Blackboard, Mastercard and Nova Information Systems.

The company’s e-port connectivity solutions have numerous POS option card processing, wireless connectivity, with users / with users, online sales reports, the M2M telemetry and DEX providing data transmission, the air update function, a deployment plan, the price of the value of additional services. Services include planning, project management, installation support, marketing and performance testing.

E-Port Connect for the customer to provide electronic payment options for wireless users so that they can use e-wallet payment with credit or debit cards can also be used to support NFC technology (eg e-Pay and Android the Pay, Wallet operation Staff.

The company’s products include E-Port (for self-service, not segments of the market, such as sales, entertainment, channels, and many other tools kiosk applications), as well as by acquiring payment information tools to facilitate cashless payments. Offers and permissions have been added to move your network.

It mainly serves the small ticketing, beverage and food industries, leading the self-service retail market in secure, unparalleled cashless transactions, and USA Technologies provides the most comprehensive services in the industry. Designed to connect your business with more sales. Improve and strengthen the operational data and customer relationship between the families.