Professional Advantage

Social media marketing is nothing new at this point, and if you’re in the world of business yourself, you likely know this first-hand. Social media is an incredibly useful marketing tool and one that you can start using at any stage of your business due to the ease of access these platforms provide you. That being said, it’s easy to start thinking of such platforms as redundant once you move beyond a certain point in your business – but that might not be the case.

Seeing what potential these platforms hold for you moving forward could open your eyes to a whole slew of alternative marketing methods that shape your strategies moving forward.


YouTube holds a whole slew of marketing opportunities for someone in your position, and there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one of these, either. Obviously, you have the possibility of dipping your toes into the world of video content, which would not only provide you with material for this platform but also something that you could share on your other social media pages, as well as even maybe consider for TV advertising.

However, there are still options beyond this, as ads (both in the form of videos and banner ads) are present on platforms such as this and could have you thinking of going in the pay-per-click (PPC) direction. If this is the case, you might start thinking of enlisting the help of professionals, such as Nuanced Media, in order to execute this strategy as gracefully as possible.


When it comes to marketing methods such as email or SMS messages, it’s easy to think of them as outdated options that have nothing to offer your business in the modern day. It’s true that there is a whole range of newer, potentially more enticing options at your fingertips than ever before, but that doesn’t render these older methods obsolete – you just have to recognize how to use them effectively.

What this might mean is that you have a list of subscribers who receive these emails, perhaps within which is attached some form of update or newsletter that informs them of everything happening with your company in the near future. However, your company is unique, and your marketing will reflect this, so it’s worth thinking about how to do this in a way that suits you.

Using Popular Online Platforms to Your Professional Advantage


The video streaming website Twitch is not one that you might have expected for a marketing venue, but the sheer number of content creators who use this platform and directly interact with large audiences makes it a strong candidate for sponsorships and collaborations. Doing this has a number of advantages, but perhaps the most obvious among them is simply that it provides you with access to an audience that could have virtually no awareness of you otherwise and has you presented to them via a voice that they know and trust. It might not be your target demographic, but it’s all about brand awareness and getting your name to different corners of the online world.