Dirt is a sub-genre of hip-hop, with heavy bass lines, rising complex rhythms, and often aggressive melodies. It originated in South America and has recently become popular as a sub-genre of electronic dance music (EDM). Like many subdivisions of EDM, Dirty Music includes “Build Up” and” Fall”, but it relies on rhythmic bass drum sounds rather than the normal melody in progressive home music.

In the past year, trap music has become the fastest growing genre. The overall music works of this genre mainly come from Down South Hip Hop, House and Dubstep. This new style of music has caused a sensation in the music industry, with new producers, DJs and artists appearing every day.

The duo of electronic dance music and hip-hop music is very suitable. The two types that were previously completely different in the spectrum will now work together to bring new energy and sound to the club. Now we have a hip hop producer / artist EDM producer who is co-creating exciting new genres of music.

What is Trap Music and Where Did It Come From?

Light music is a music genre that originated in 1990 the early era of South America. The instrument is known for its melodic content and aggressive sound, driven by 808 drums or heavy subwoofer lines, double and triple and fast timbre, high scale, layered tanning equipment and lines.

The word “trap” literally means to indicate where the drug is hidden in the car, where it is traded, and how difficult it is to avoid the lifestyle. The word originated in Atlanta, Georgia, rapper Cole Breeze, Dhangiun Family, Outcast, Gaddy Mob and the Jewish mafia are people who use the word in music.

Fans and critics began to drug trafficking will be the theme of the rapper known as “rapper”. The complex David – Drake (David Drake) wrote: “2000 early age without any type of network, it is a real place,” and later the term used to describe “around the place making music “.

Sound Trap for the first time in 2000 the early years, was in a dilapidated South American community in a closed scene. Texas State, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia State, of course, the place in Atlanta, Georgia, Gucci mane, Young Jeezy, Triple 6 Mafia and Tity Boi (now called 2 chanes), the local rapper started sailing from the same place: Crank

Eight -year-old Tratty and Shatty Redd, Derma Boy, Manny Fresh and Mike Weil L. cooperation producer, is bringing a new sound of rap music: dark energy, gothic sensitivity, street culture (guns, drugs booth, nude). Valley (Vali) record and all loud traps dominate the mix tapes and local radio stations, and all night clubs and explosion strip club.

What qualifies as trap music?

You want to put off the dilemma: abandoned houses propaganda drugs. As 1998 Nian Spot e Why in OTC interpretation Big Bow Out Cast Duplex reasons, it is absolutely the last resort to obtain employment services in the United Parcel Parcel Service and postal / he never called your cloudy urine / so Now trapped in this trap / immersed in it for a minute, and then continue to run.

Now, what is dirt music? Well, there is no standard definition, but if it is certain that it is not dubstep, there is no dubstep- like thing. Trapp music originated in 2000 the early years, his parents’ roles and Lil June, Trail by Will, Crime Mob and the like.

It is called “trap music” because it is “trap” music. Trap = robber = slum, all the same. Dirty music is music related to the struggle with traps and trap houses (drug houses, drug houses not related in any way), drunkenness, drug trafficking, drug use, gun crazy music.

The dirty south created a trap, not the city’s DJ Dubstep. The network is not only defined by its clear accent content, but also by the unique and heavy bass of the 808. The trap is not only defined by music. The trap is a culture.